NGO says EU violating its Oslo obligations

The NGO We Have Legal Grounds says the expected EU decision distinguishing between Israel proper and the territories it captured in 1967 “violates the legal rights of the State of Israel and constitutes a blunt violation of the principles established in the Oslo Accords, to which the EU is party in its position as witness. It seems the EU cannot serve as honest broker in the foreseeable future.”

The NGO, working to establish Israel’s rights according to international law, strongly condemns the decision, which, it says, lacks any legal basis.

“The line called the 1967 line is nothing more than the armistice line of 1948. The EU is certainly aware that the ceasefire agreement signed in the Greek island of Rhodes in 1949 clearly maintains that the line ‘in no way constitutes a political or state border.’”

The EU has chosen to ignore Israel’s preferential position as claimant to the territory, which according to international law is considered “disputed.” Furthermore, the NGO says, the European Union is violating its role as guarantor of the implementation of the Oslo Accords which contain a basic principle according to which the question of borders will be decided solely by negotiations.

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