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Matías, 41 & Einav Burstein, 39: Argentine couple left 2 daughters

Murdered by Hamas terrorists at the Supernova music festival on October 7

Einav and Matias Burstein (Courtesy)
Einav and Matias Burstein (Courtesy)

Matías Burstein, aged 41, and Einav Chen Burstein, aged 39, both Argentine-Israeli citizens, were at the Supernova party near Re’im when it was tragically besieged by Hamas terrorists on the morning of October 7. The attack claimed the lives of over 360 people.

The whereabouts of the couple remained shrouded in uncertainty, as their names did not appear on any list of casualties or Hamas abductees. Toward the end of October, Matías’s family confirmed his murder, while Einav’s fate remained unknown. It later emerged that they had been killed while in the custody of the terrorists on October 7.

Matías and Einav are survived by their two daughters, aged 9 and 12. The family lived in Karmiel, located in northern Israel. Fanny Burstein, Matías’s mother, recounted the painful task of gradually breaking the news to the young girls, explaining what she called “a problem” at the party and preparing them for the difficult reality of not seeing their parents again. Fanny shared these heartbreaking details with Infobae, a news portal in Argentina.

The last image captured of Matías before his capture by Hamas was a poignant moment preserved on an unknown individual’s cell phone camera. The brief snapshot shows Matías in a black sweater and shorts, passionately expressing himself in Hebrew amid a traffic jam on a road in the Negev desert.

Matías and Einav were fleeing the chaos of the electronic party, situated just a few kilometers from the Gaza Strip, as gunshots echoed in the background. In his desperation, Matías reached out to a friend, his voice filled with alarm, to relay the news of the Hamas attack.

Matías arrived in Israel as a child in 1989, at the age of 7, with his parents, Pedro and Fanny, and his 4-year-old sister, Yamila. The family had made aliyah to escape the hyperinflation crisis in Argentina during the late 1980s. Fanny reflected on their decision, noting that although other options like Spain or the US were available, their unwavering commitment to Israel as a Zionist family had guided their choice.

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