‘Netanyahu’ to perform in Adam Sandler’s next movie. Or not…

‘Netanyahu’ to perform in Adam Sandler’s next movie. Or not…

PM appears in trailer for 'That's My Boy' edited by 'Saturday Night Live' alum Andy Samberg

If a new preview is to be believed, Israel’s prime minister will make his Hollywood debut in Adam Sandler’s next movie.

In a trailer posted Friday on humor website Funny or Die, Benjamin Netanyahu appears in a fictional lineup of mostly Jewish celebrities who will perform in “That’s My Boy,” a soon-to-open comedy starring Sandler and former “Saturday Night Live” star Andy Samberg.

In the clip’s opening moments, Samberg explains that he personally put together the preview, which riffs on the stars’ similar-sounding names by claiming that the movie features “Adam Sandler, Andy Samberg, Adam Lambert, Adam Lamberg, Shmandy Blanderberg and Shmadam Flanderberg.” Non-Jews allegedly in the film include Ryne Sandberg and Ingmar Bergman.

Also part of the list is “the prime minister of Israel, on rye” — accompanied by an image of Netanyahu lying on a pile of deli sandwiches. Other cast members include “Rabbi Jewman McShwartzmangoldbergstein.”

Of course, it’s possible — just a tiny bit possible — that Israel’s prime minister doesn’t actually appear in the film, which opens June 15 and looks, well, awful.

Frankly, if Netanyahu takes on a movie role this summer, we think it’d be funnier for him to sing backup for Tom Cruise in “Rock of Ages.” He’s always struck us as a big Def Leppard fan.

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