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Segev Shushan, 28: Photographer prankster with an ‘endless smile’

Murdered alongside his girlfriend while fleeing the Supernova music festival on October 7

Segev Shushan (Facebook)
Segev Shushan (Facebook)

Segev Shushan, 28, from Modiin, was murdered by Hamas terrorists while fleeing the Supernova music festival on October 7.

He was slain alongside his girlfriend, Anita Lisman. The couple fled the site of the rave when the rocket fire began, and were killed when terrorists fired a spray of dozens of bullets at their car.

Segev was buried on October 13 in Modiin, a few days before Anita was laid to rest alongside him. He is survived by his parents, Esther (Eti) and David (Dudi), and his siblings Nofar, Ilay and Liam.

Anita and Segev had only recently moved in together. A professional photographer, Segev worked all kinds of events and commercial photography and volunteered to take photos at daycare centers for children with special needs.

A chubby kid, at age 14 Segev decided to make a change and got into strength training and bodybuilding, even winning national awards at age 17 and continuing to be a regular at the gym as an adult. He also loved motorcycles, traveling around the world and photographing beautiful locales. He was a devoted big brother to his two younger half-brothers, making sure to spend quality time with them, his family said.

His sister, Nofar, described Segev as “the prankster with the endless smile and the laughter that makes us laugh… We hope and believe you’re in a better place. We love you and miss you so much.”

Segev’s stepfather, David Cohen, wrote on Facebook that he first met him six years ago, “and since that day you were like the son I never had, always respectful no matter what, never angry… You were a boy with a permanent smile on your face, a kid of hard work, an artist by profession, you put a smile on so many people’s faces.”

His mother, Eti, wrote online about Segev as a “child full of light and generosity and endless love, your ability to give others a good feeling, to strengthen, to lead, through your photography and bodybuilding to really heal people’s souls.”

“Thank you my boy that I got to have you for too short a time, and we parted too soon — we’ll meet again in the world to come,” she added. “I pray that you are in a better place with all of those murdered and with Anitush.”

His father, Dudi, wrote on Facebook that Segev was “a beloved child, full of endless generosity, everyone who knew him knew that Segev Shushan was everyone’s brother, everyone’s soul.”

Dudi said that he cannot “forget the Shabbat you were killed. Can’t forget my scream to the heavens. Can’t forget the searching for you. Can’t forget seeing the car you were in full of bullet holes, and how you and Anita were next to each other, as if you were sleeping and in love.”

“Can’t forget the bad and difficult feelings and the tears. Can’t forget the thousands who came to say goodbye, can’t forget the final kiss I gave you on your forehead at the funeral, and I wish I’d given more,” Dudi continued. “I can’t forget your burial. You went to dance and to enjoy and you did nothing wrong.”

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