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Cpl. Lior Levy, 19: MDA volunteer dreamed of being a doctor

Killed when Hamas overran the Urim IDF base on October 7

Cpl. Lior Levy (IDF)
Cpl. Lior Levy (IDF)

Cpl. Lior Levy, 19, a soldier in the Home Front Command from Dimona, was killed on October 7 when Hamas terrorists overran the Urim IDF base.

She became close friends on base with Sgt. Danit Cohen and Sgt. Shir Shlomo, who were also both slain that day. So much so, her mother said, that even though Lior was supposed to be on medical leave after getting an infection following laser eye surgery, she insisted on going back to the base to spend the holiday weekend there with them.

When the rocket fire began, a group of soldiers on the base, including Lior, ran to the bomb shelter on site. When they realized the base had been infiltrated by terrorists, they ran to the war room, which they believed to be more secure. Lior and two other soldiers were shot dead as they ran between buildings. Four more soldiers on base were killed inside the war room.

Lior was buried on October 9 in Dimona. She is survived by her parents, Rachel and Ofir, and her siblings Eden, 24, Gilad, 11 and Omri, 7.

She dreamed of one day being a doctor and volunteered for years with the Magen David Adom ambulance service. Tali Ben Naim, who volunteered alongside her, said, “Lior was an incredible volunteer with a huge heart. She always aspired to learn more to be as professional as possible, helped everyone and took care of the patients like they were family.”

Her mother, Rachel told Ynet that “she volunteered from age 14 with MDA — even when she would come home from the base she would head off to a shift, every break and every holiday. It ran in her veins.”

Her family said she also loved to cook, with her signature dishes including pasta in rose sauce and her no-bake tea biscuit and pudding cake, which she would make at home every week and bring to the base.

Lior’s older sister, Eden, wrote on Instagram three months after she was killed about how “every little thing reminds me of you.”

“Brushing my teeth in the morning when my toothbrush is next to yours, walking in the hallway next to your room which has stayed exactly the same, wearing the clothes that we bought together, sitting in your spot and eating the food that you loved to eat,” Eden recounted.

“Every word reminds me of you. My whole life you were next to me and who I am without you?” she added. “I’ll never come to terms with your loss because you will always be with me. You will accompany me through every stage I go through, every decision I make and every emotion I experience. For 19 years I watched over you and now you will watch over me.”

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