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A beacon of hope against lawlessness – Joilson Melo

Sponsored Content. Joilson had humble beginnings as he came from a middle-class family. What made him stand out from the rest of his fellow students is his IQ and sharp intellect

Courtesy of Joilson Melo
Courtesy of Joilson Melo

Laws are made to facilitate each and every citizen irrespective of their social class. This means that the law for the rich and the poor are all the same and everyone is equal in the eyes of the law. The question is, is this truly the case in real life? We are not just talking about movies, but there are countless examples in real life all across the world where citizens belonging to lower social classes were treated differently by the law enforcement agencies in comparison to citizens belonging to the upper echelons of society.

This inherently beats the purpose of the law. In countries like Brazil where the judicial structure is already crippled and manipulated by the higher class for their own benefit, the law becomes a mere puppet. Only a few dare to rise against this misconduct, and luckily for Brazil, it’s not some old man who has had an epiphany in the later stages of his life who may or may not be able to carry his efforts forward. It is a young ambitious champion who is most likely to dedicate his efforts until he has completely reached his desired goal of fixing Brazil’s judicial system.

Meet Joilson Melo:

Joilson Junior de Melo or as he is popularly known, Joilson Melo, is a 32 years old law student who has all eyes set on him. Born on 20th September 1988 in the city of Cuiabá, Mato Grosso state, Brazil, Joilson had humble beginnings as he came from a middle-class family. What made him stand out from the rest of his fellow students is his IQ and sharp intellect that made his teachers predict him to be a rising star in the time to come.

After securing 1st position in his classes during middle as well as high school, he displayed interest in subjects too advanced for his age such as programming. When he was 9 years of age, his family moved to the interior state to search for better life opportunities. When Joilson reached 12 years of age, he got hisfirst computer that he used to practice his programming skills and developed proficiency in languages like Deli, JavaScript, C++, CSS, HTML, PHP, and MySQL. At 14 years of age, he was already earning in dollars by creating systems and sites with the Google AdSense program. This led to him being hired by a large IT company by the name of Zero9 do Brasil Servicos Digitais Ltd. in Sao Paulo at the age of 16.

Joilson worked with the company in partnership from 2007 to 2014 after which, in 2015, he shifted his attention towards cattle farming and acquired a farm. He also started growing soybeans and corn; it was as if fortune rained on him consistently, he excelled in every domain he set his foot in.

Although Joilson had a lot going in his life and he had no need to look back, he still paused often to ponder on the big picture and have a look at the conditions of his country. Particularly the judicial system which in his opinion was crumbling down on itself. Despite having more than enough for himself, Joilson decided to set his foot in the field of law and become a lawyer as he had been observing the deteriorating situation of law in his country.

Thus, he not only enrolled to become a lawyer, but also pointed out several major loopholes in the judicial system. He even went as far as to file a request for action in the National Council of Justice (CNJ) with Minister Humberto Eustaquio Soares Martin as a rapporteur. In this case of action, it is informed that the Plenary video of the National council of justice has been considered a possible event, with special contacts of civil courts where Joilson had been the most proactive person.

This is just a start for Joilson as he aspires to one day become renowned as one of the country’s best lawyers who stand for the law and its citizens. Joilson has sparked hope in the hearts of millions and despite being just a 2nd-year student, accomplished what many practicing lawyers couldn’t in decades. It is hoped that Joilson will succeed in his endeavors and bring about the desired changes in the judicial system of Brazil. We wish you the best of luck Joilson and may success be with you every step of the way!


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