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Best Dissertation Writing Services in the USA: Thesis & PhD Dissertation Help

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If you’re overwhelmed with your dissertation and unsure whether you’ll be able to complete it yourself, it may be wise to consider using a dissertation writing service. These services are designed to offer assistance and support to students who are struggling with their dissertations or need professional guidance to ensure their work meets the required standards.

Students have been turning to academic writing services for a long time when they get stuck with assignments. These services address one of the biggest challenges that students face: the tedium of writing papers.

If one is a PhD student, however, is that still an option? Can a PhD student rely on custom essay writing services for their coursework?

The answer may seem like an obvious no, but it is actually not quite so clear-cut. There are numerous services that market themselves as custom essay writing services while also writing exceptional dissertations. And vice versa!

We’ve spent hours researching, reading customer reviews and evaluating different companies to come up with this list of websites where you can get top-notch dissertation writing help.

Below is a list of five PhD dissertation writing services that could be your best bet for getting your final papers completed and looking their best:

  1. PaperHelp – The most well-rounded option.
  2. BBQPapers – The best quality but slower turnaround.
  3. SpeedyPaper – The top choice for urgent dissertations or theses.
  4. EssayPro – The top choice for less complex papers, cost-effective.
  5. Studdit – The top choice for a more customer-focused approach.

We looked at each of these websites and graded them based on the quality they offered, the speed they could deliver in, their usability, and their customer service. These dissertation & thesis writing services are all very popular among students getting their PhDs and have reputations for putting out only incredible work of the best quality.

How To Choose the Best PhD Dissertation and Thesis Writing Service

Your dissertation is the most important part of your degree. For this reason, it is of paramount importance that you choose a service that will handle it the right way. It may seem difficult to pinpoint what makes a great dissertation and thesis writing service at first, but there is actually a straightforward method to do so.

A company that offers reliable dissertation writing services should be able to offer you a series of features and uphold a number of qualities. As long as all the elements in the list below are present, you should receive a good service that you won’t regret paying for.

Deadline Adherence

Missing your own deadline would be disastrous, so you need a dissertation service that will guarantee a date by which your work will be completed and adhere to it. This doesn’t simply mean they can work quickly.

It’s better to avoid online writing services offering impossibly short turnaround times, as you’ll probably just waste your money.

Stance Against Plagiarism

Any instances of plagiarism (this includes outright plagiarized content as well as mere paraphrasing and unsuitable references) will disqualify your dissertation and could even lead to much more severe consequences.

This is the reason why you need to use an online dissertation writing service that takes plagiarism seriously and delivers completely plagiarism-free content.

Full Anonymity

Discretion is an important aspect of hiring a company to write your doctoral dissertation. Such a service must be able to guarantee that it won’t disclose your patronage to third parties. This includes not revealing your identity to the dissertation writers working on your paper.

Reasonable Prices

Due to the nature of a dissertation writing service, it simply cannot be cheap. At the same time, you shouldn’t have to pay unreasonable prices. A cost of $50 for a single page with a 24-hour turnaround time is the maximum you should pay.

Official Guarantees

The company should have a list of guarantees that it offers to its customers.

Included Revisions

The service should not be allowed to deliver an inferior paper and leave you with it. A suitable company will offer you free revisions if you spot any mistakes or other inadequacies.

Range of Services

The best companies for writing dissertations typically offer a wider range of services. This demonstrates that they can take on any kind of assignment and deliver a good final product because their staff is used to handling various types of projects.

The 5 Best PhD Dissertation Writing Services Online

Let’s face it, the dissertation writing process can be quite dull. To provide you with an easy way of choosing which service you want to use for your dissertation or thesis, we have reviewed the five companies listed above and broken down the services they offer and the reasons to use them.

#1. PaperHelp – The top choice for your dissertation or thesis

Although all of the websites listed in this article offer professional dissertation writing services, PaperHelp stands out as the best. The company has been operating for many years, and during this time, it has built a loyal clientele who all swear by the flawless papers they have ordered and received from PaperHelp.

PaperHelp’s expert writers deliver completely unique papers. Even though the company keeps its customers’ identities confidential from the trained writers working on their projects, they still manage to provide individualized approaches.

The services offered by PaperHelp cover everything a student might need. PaperHelp handles essays, PhD dissertations, and everything in between. The company will also take on individual dissertation chapters or segments of your work if you have the rest of it completed already.

If you have already written your paper and just need to ensure it’s in the best possible shape, PaperHelp’s editing services offer an affordable way to get your work looking its best.

Although you might pay a bit more than for other services, you can order a full dissertation from PaperHelp. While this company may not offer the lowest price, you can rest assured that this is the best dissertation writing service to have.

Main thoughts: Overall top service; absolute adherence to deadlines; solid customer service; long history; wide positive reception from previous customers.

Services: All types of papers, including dissertations and theses; will work on separate segments; editing for papers; writing of proposals.

Prices per page: $24 in 14 days, $27 in 7 days, $39 in 24 hours.


  • Strict adherence to deadlines
  • Completely unique dissertations
  • Anonymity and discretion for its customers
  • List of guarantees


  • Special offers are rare

#2. BBQPapers – The best quality on the market

Despite its name, BBQPapers handles more than just basic academic papers; it is also highly capable of working on dissertations and theses on a myriad of topics.

You will undoubtedly receive high-quality results if you use BBQPapers’ dissertation writing service, because this is the place where you can hire a professional writer who has a PhD degree in your field of study. This company is known for its quick customer service, high quality standards and adherence to deadlines.

Once the papers are written, the company’s editorial team puts them through multiple quality checks. These are all included in the cost, as are any potential revisions you may request, assuming they are reasonable.

The prices for dissertation writing are quite affordable for longer deadlines. However, these prices do increase considerably as you need your assignments faster. On one hand, it is beneficial to place an order well in advance to save money. This way, dissertation services offered by BBQPapers will cost you much less.

On the other hand, if you need work done very quickly because you have run out of time and are willing to pay, BBQPapers can be a lifesaver.

Main thoughts: High-quality service that ticks all the boxes; always accountable to customers; quick turnaround time; great quality of research.

Services: Custom essays; editing for papers; varying levels of dissertation assistance.

Prices per page: $33 in 14 days, $36 in 7 days, $44 in one day.


  • Quick and efficient
  • Every assignment is completely unique
  • Incredible results every time
  • Total discretion


  • Can become quite expensive if you need a fast turnaround time

#3. EssayPro – The most affordable dissertation help

Another option in this list that offers a variety of services is EssayPro. This company’s professional dissertation writers are all very experienced and highly educated professionals, ensuring the papers you receive will always suit your needs, even on short deadlines.

Although the prices offered by EssayPro are within the normal range, the company frequently provides discounts, which is ideal for students on a tight budget. Despite these amazing offers, the service still ensures that all of its papers are thoroughly checked for any potential shortcomings, ranging from simple typing errors to advanced plagiarism.

Previous customers have left many positive reviews praising EssayPro as being one of the best dissertation writing services, and we couldn’t agree more. Some reviews mention numerous benefits of using PaperHelp, including pleasant surprises, such as final papers being delivered significantly ahead of schedule when long deadlines were selected.

Main thoughts: Affordable even on short deadlines; speedy service; renown for good quality.

Services: Full or partial services for dissertations and theses; academic proposals and other adjacent assignments; editing for completed writing.

Prices per page: $14.40 in 14 days, $14.40 in 7 days, $21.60 in 1 day.


  • Great reviews
  • Fine attention to detail
  • Longer timespan for revisions
  • Variety of special offers and discounts


  • Longer customer service response times compared to other services
  • No phone support

#4. Studdit – The top choice for a more customer-focused approach

Studdit is renowned for its incredible dedication to its customers. If you need urgent dissertation assistance, you’ll be surprised that this company’s average response time is only 11 seconds.

This is the best in the industry, making Studdit the clear winner among other online dissertation writing services if customer focus is what you value the most.

The company also takes a serious approach to security and privacy. Not only will Studdit ensure that your identity is not revealed to any third parties, including its own writers, but it will also make sure that all of the information exchanged is encrypted for maximum security.

The downside with Studdit is that if you are using this service to write your dissertation, you will likely pay more than you would for many other services. Nonetheless, the papers that the company provides are of exemplary quality.

Main thoughts: Utmost professionalism; dedication to privacy of customers; staff of very well educated and professional dissertation writers; ongoing support.

Services: All types of essays; different levels of service; editing for dissertations and theses.

Prices per page: $25 in 14 days, $28 in 7 days, $40 in 1 day.


  • Extremely fast communication with customers
  • Top tier customer service
  • Commitment to quality in all types of assignments


  • Certain subjects may be pricier

#5. SpeedyPaper – The best choice for urgent dissertations or theses

SpeedyPaper is the last service in the list, but it is by no means the least. The company offers papers that are of top quality and made to order. This dissertation writing company does its best to deliver completely original, plagiarism-free dissertations. For this reason, you can rest assured that any papers you receive will pass Turnitin and any other plagiarism checker.

It is not uncommon for students to be short of money. SpeedyPaper is an incredible choice for anyone in that situation because SpeedyPaper’s services are some of the most affordable in the industry if you give it a wide enough deadline.

If you are thinking about using this service to get your custom dissertation, it’s best to plan ahead and not to leave your order until the last moment and. The prices can quickly become very steep if your deadline is urgent.

Although SpeedyPaper does offer rush dissertation writing services as well, you get neither the best turnaround times nor the most affordable prices, so it is best to stay ahead of your deadlines when hiring a professional dissertation writer at this company

Main thoughts: Great reputation; many good reviews; fast turnaround time; top notch support.

Services: Complete dissertations and theses; individual segments of larger papers; editing for own work.

Prices per page: $23 in 14 days, $29 in 7 days, $44 in one day.


  • Effective administration and responsibility of assignments
  • Guaranteed quality across all levels of papers
  • Keen to meet the needs of customers
  • Very good prices if you are able to give a long deadline
  • Superb customer service


  • Quicker deliveries can get expensive
  • May not offer the best solution for very close deadlines

Why Are Custom Essay Writing Services Also Good for Writing Dissertations and Theses?

Companies that advertise themselves as essay writing services do so because essays are the most common assignments that students have, and using this designation helps them reach out to the highest number of customers.

These companies do nonetheless hire some of the best academic writers available, including even former professors, and they also offer services for writing dissertations, so do not let the names put you off.

Can Any Dissertation or Thesis Writing Services Complete a Chapter of My Dissertation in Three Hours?

Four of the five companies that we have learned about in this article can write up to three pages of your dissertation in three hours. The only exception is SpeedyPaper.

A typical thesis or dissertation chapter is at least five pages long, so unfortunately, nobody will be able to write it for you in such a short time.

You should understand that both dissertations and theses require proper and time-consuming research. For this reason, it is important to give your dissertation writer enough time to do their research. However qualified a writer may be, they won’t be able to write a coherent and concise dissertation chapter on such short notice.

Can I Pay an Editor to Help Me Out With a Dissertation I Have Written Rather Than to Write It for Me?

Yes. Even though the companies mentioned in this article specialize in writing services, they provide top-notch editing and proofreading services as well. If you hire an editor, you will have to write and submit your own work, which the editor will then work on.

A dissertation editor typically focuses on improving your dissertation’s grammar, consistency and flow, clarity of arguments and ideas, formatting, and overall content organization.

They will not add any new parts to your dissertation but rather work with what you already have. If you have a complete dissertation that requires polishing, it is certainly wise to hire an editor to have a second pair of eyes looking at your work.

Is There a Specialized Dissertation Writing Service That I Can Use?

You can find specialized writing services that will help you with a dissertation or master’s thesis that fits into the specific niche that they cover. These types of services are not as popular because they tend to be more expensive, and a generalized service can offer papers that are just as good.

Because of high-quality standards and rough competition, most essay writing companies hire writers with advanced degrees. For this reason, there are lots of companies online that are well-equipped for writing custom dissertations, even if their primary selling point is writing essays.

Are There Services That Will Write a Dissertation or Thesis for a Master’s Degree?

All of the services that we have listed in this article also offer dissertations and theses for master’s degrees. All of the professional writers are just as proficient at the master’s level as they are at the others that the companies offer.

Is It Legal to Hire Help for a PhD Dissertation or Thesis?

Yes, it is completely legal to pay for dissertation writing help. In fact, there is no law that would prohibit students from accessing dissertation writing assistance online. All of these companies are fully above board and registered, operating in the open.

However, you should understand that submitting the dissertation you bought online as your own has some ethical concerns and will be perceived as plagiarism. It’s up to you to decide what to do with the dissertation you bought online.

Dissertation Writing Services: Final Thoughts

Although it can be easy to assume that all PhD writing services are the same, this is not true. We learned that what the good ones share in common is a set of seven features that are essential to receiving the best service, but if you are hiring one of them to write your dissertation, you need to focus on the subtler differences between the companies.

The five companies featured in this article are the best in the industry and each and every one of them will deliver a final product that you will be satisfied with. Which of them you will pick will depend on what your specific needs are, but now that you know what each of the options offer, you should have no problem going with the best choice for your needs.

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