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Buy Instagram Likes: 10 Best Sites Picked by Social Media Experts

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Most social media experts will tell you that Instagram is the best platform for businesses and most individuals to build a following.

That’s because Insta’s base of 1.2 billion monthly users is the perfect mix of GenZ-ers, millennials, and GenX-ers. It’s an ideal platform to build a brand, promote new products, or become an influencer with a huge fan base.

It was perfect for me. I’m Ryan Campbell, an Instagram influencer. My videos routinely attract hundreds of thousands of IG views and likes. But that wasn’t always the case.

I started with a small account, just like everyone, with just a handful of friends and family members following me. It took a lot of work to get my account to where it is now — but most of my work went into producing high-quality, compelling content. The rest of the work was done by Instagram’s algorithms.

Let me explain. I built my IG presence by buying Instagram interactions — likes, video views, and followers — from reputable providers. The algorithms saw that my account and my videos were becoming popular, and they’re programmed to give greater exposure to popular users and their content.

Just by purchasing those interactions, I guaranteed myself a much larger audience. And that allowed my new audience to view and like my content, and follow my account. Even better, having a high “likes count” for my videos enticed those viewers to watch them to see what all the fuss was all about.

It’s the same way that almost all large accounts on Instagram way became large, and the way almost all viral videos go viral. And it can work for you like it worked for me.

There are two potholes to avoid when you’re buying IG likes, though.

  • You have to use a reputable provider.
  • You have to use a provider that delivers real likes from real users, and not fake likes generated by bots.
    How do you find them? I’d suggest using these 10 vendors that I recommend.

The 10 Top Sites to Buy Instagram Likes (Twicsy, Buzzoid and Rushmax are the very best)

Superstars – I always use Twicsy, Buzzoid and Rushmax to buy Instagram likes. They are simply the best and no need to go anywhere else.

1. Twicsy

Whenever I buy anything, I always look for companies that are the best at what they do. That describes Twicsy perfectly.

  • Their real Instagram likes are very high-quality and arrive almost immediately unless you choose their slower delivery option. If you prefer, you can pay extra for “premium” likes from accounts that post regularly, which are even more powerful.
  • They have packages that fit any need; you can buy 50 real likes from real IG users if you have a video that’s just starting to build popularity, all the way up to 10,000 authentic likes for posts that are well on their way to going viral.
  • You can split your order on multiple posts, and they include video views for free.
  • Knowledgeable customer support is available 24/7.
  • Prices are extremely reasonable, equal to or lower than reputable competitors.

I’ve used Twicsy since the very start of my Instagram journey, and I still use them today. That’s because they score highest on my most important criterion: their real likes deliver the best results.

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2. Buzzoid

I’ll say this upfront: I like Buzzoid. Not only that, I regularly use them to mix things up since they have different networks of Instagram users.

Their service is very similar to Twicsy’s. They can deliver 50-10,000 high-quality real or premium likes at good prices, you can split likes between posts, their engagements arrive quickly, they also give you free video views when you order a likes package, they have 24-hour support, and they keep my account and personal information safe.

But Instagram success is results-driven. And while Buzzoid’s real likes have done a good job for me, they haven’t performed quite as well as Twicsy’s. That might be because Buzzoid is a newer service and doesn’t have all of Twicsy’s experience — but it’s why I use Twicsy as my #1 provider and Buzzoid as their high-quality, very reliable backup.

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3. Rushmax

Stop me if you’ve heard this before: I like Rushmax, too.

I won’t go through all of the advantages of using this provider in great detail; suffice it to say that their packages, speed, prices, safety, support, and options are very similar to those of Twicsy and Buzzoid.

Once again, it all comes down to results — and Rushmax doesn’t quite measure up to the other two services for me when I try to make videos go viral. Here’s what’s most important, though: I still like Rushmax, I still trust Rushmax, and I still use Rushmax for added variety in my Instagram likes.

They’re definitely worth trying.

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Bench Players – Not as Good, But.. Decent

Some of these vendors are ones I still use on occasion. Others I’ve tried but didn’t think they met my specific needs. All are trustworthy and deliver real likes.

4. Views Expert

Now that I have a huge fan base, I’m able to make videos go viral. That’s why I use Views Expert from time to time; they can provide up to 40,000 real or premium likes, even though they take a long to arrive and prices are high. Their smallest package is 100 likes.

5. QubeViews

Here’s a low-priced option that can provide between 100 and 50,000 real Instagram likes. They’re a decent choice for those on limited budgets, but the quality of their engagements was lower than I’d like. You can only split likes with larger packages.

6. Friendly Likes

Friendly Likes has attractive prices for large packages like 5,000 or 10,000 IG likes but their smaller ones are priced around market average. The likes are real but not the highest quality you can find; they’ll split likes but don’t provide free views or offer premium likes.

7. FamUps

This service doesn’t cater to small Instagram accounts since their smallest package is 1,000 real likes (their biggest is 10,000). They spread delivery out over 24 hours and won’t split your order between posts.

8. BuyTopLikes

BuyTopLikes lets you test their service with a purchase of 25 or 30 real likes, although you can get 50 likes from other providers for the same cost. If you’re buying thousands of interactions the prices are more reasonable. Delivery is fast, options are limited.

9. iDigic

I use iDigic from time to time because they can provide between 50 and 10,000 likes at market-average prices, they deliver quickly, and they let you split your likes between videos. They give you free video views as well. My results haven’t been as good as I’d hoped, though.

10. Social Rush

These folks have been around for a long time and their service is reliable. They’ll sell you as many as 40,000 real Instagram likes and allow you to split them, although you don’t get free video views and they don’t supply premium likes. Delivery is almost instant for smaller orders.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Buying Instagram Interactions Really Make You More Popular?

Yes. Real IG likes, views and followers added to your content and account convince the platform’s algorithms that you and your videos are popular. And those algorithms are designed to reward Instagram’s most popular videos and accounts.

It’s not fair. But it’s reality.

Are “Real” Instagram Likes That Big a Deal?

Well, they are if you care about your money and your IG account.

Here’s why.

Disreputable providers and scam artists promise to deliver IG likes, but there’s something very different about the interactions they provide. They’re “fake” likes created by automated bots, not real likes from users with real accounts.

Instagram can tell if video likes aren’t associated with actual IG users. They delete those likes immediately, so the engagements do nothing to boost popularity. Any money you’ve spent to buy those fake likes is lost.

It gets worse. The platform often penalizes accounts that try to inflate their importance with fake likes. They may even delete the accounts permanently. So buying fake likes doesn’t just cost you money, it can cost you your Instagram presence.

Real IG likes will probably cost you a little more than the ones, but they’re not only “worth it.” They’re essential if you want to have your videos viewed and liked widely on Instagram.

Is Buying IG Likes All You Have to Do?

I’ve found that it’s smart to buy IG followers, too.

Purchasing real IG likes will help propel a specific video to popularity. Buying real followers, however, will increase exposure for your account and all of the content you post.

Instagram reserves its biggest rewards for the platform’s most popular users, meaning the ones with the highest follower count. Whenever they post videos, they’re given the largest audience — which means buying likes (and video views) drives that audience even higher.

I regularly buy IG likes, followers, and even video views to maximize my account’s importance and my content’s visibility. And it works. Not only do I get hundreds of thousands of likes for my vids, I have hundreds of thousands of followers — and as an Instagram influencer, I make good money for every one of my posts. That’s what I call a win-win-win.

You’re An Influencer, And You Still Buy Instagram Likes?


Having a large following means that I have a ready-made audience for my content, and most of them will probably like the high-quality videos that I post.

But when I have a “really great” video with the potential to go viral, I’ll usually juice it with a large package of purchased Instagram likes (and I’ll throw some video views in there, too).

There’s a good explanation for that.

I mentioned earlier that IG users are more likely to watch a video and like it if they’ve seen that lots of other users have already watched and liked it. That’s because of a phenomenon formally known as “social proof,” and sometimes referred to as “herd mentality.”

In a nutshell, people feel validated when they copy what other people have done. That’s a major reason why, for example, Teslas and Peloton became such popular brands. As they became products that “everyone bought,” others who were considering buying a car or exercise equipment felt more comfortable choosing Tesla or Peloton.

So if a post has a million views, people are going to watch it just because so many people already have.

That’s how I’ve gotten videos to go viral — and it started with buying Instagram likes.

It can work for you, too.

Remember, the best sites to buy Instagram likes are Twicsy, Buzzoid and Rushmax.

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