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Robert Shaulov, 70: Avid fisherman and beloved grandfather

Murdered by Hamas terrorists along Zikim Beach on October 7

Robert Shaulov (Courtesy)
Robert Shaulov (Courtesy)

Robert Shaulov, 70, of Ashdod, was murdered by Hamas terrorists on the Zikim Beach on October 7.

An avid fisherman, Robert headed to Zikim beach that morning as part of a group of 10 older Israelis who planned to fish at one of the most pastoral, pristine beaches in Israel. The group also included Robert’s brother-in-law John Aslonov and husband and wife Yuri and Svetlana Lisovoy of Ashdod, all of whom were killed at the scene by Hamas gunmen.

More than 35 Israelis — both civilians and soldiers — were slain in the Zikim massacre. Like many of the victims at the beach that day, Robert was initially ruled missing. It was more than a week until his body was found, and he was laid to rest in the Ashdod cemetery on October 19.

Sharing memories sent by loved ones, Army Radio wrote on X that Robert could spend hours “with a fishing rod in his hand looking at the horizon, or playing a rowdy game of backgammon.”

His niece, Daniella Ifraimov, wrote on Facebook that Robert “was a wonderful man, beloved by all and full of goodness. You loved life and you loved the sea.” She noted that he left behind two children, “my beloved cousins who are now left orphans, as well as grandchildren and an entire family in pain.”

On Robert’s headstone at the Ashdod cemetery, a message written at the bottom reads, “You were the brightest person and you will live on in our memories.”

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