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5 Best Sites to Buy YouTube Subscribers in 2023 (Real and Active)

Buy Youtube Subscribers and boost the reach of your channel with real subscribers!

Calling all content creators looking to gain more YouTube subscribers. We understand the frustration and uncertainty that comes with growing a social media presence. But fear not; there are solutions to break free from this cycle and take your YouTube channel to new heights.

This article introduces the topic of purchasing YouTube subscribers and explores its potential benefits for content creators. We aim to provide a list of the five best sites offering high-quality YouTube subscribers who will genuinely appreciate your content. No bots or fake accounts, just an opportunity to attract a loyal and engaged audience.

Without further ado, let’s uncover these game-changing platforms. Here are the best five sites to buy real and active YouTube subscribers.

  1. UseViral – Best for Targeted YouTube Subscribers
  2. SidesMedia – Best for Buying 5000 or More Subscribers at a Time
  3. FeedPixel – Best for Small-Budget Content Creators
  4. Media Mister Best for Targeted Region YouTube Subscribers
  5. Buy Real Media – Best for Buying YouTube Subscribers Fast

Now, what sets these sites apart from other ones out there? Well, all of our recommended sites deliver results without compromising your authenticity or channel integrity. They bring real YouTube subscribers who will genuinely appreciate your content, engage with your videos, and spread the word about your channel.

5 Best Sites to Buy YouTube Subscribers in 2023

As a content creator, you can pour your heart and soul into your YouTube channel, hoping to connect with an engaged audience and grow your subscribers organically. However, gaining YouTube subscribers can be a challenging and slow process, especially when you’re just starting out in the social media space.

Today, we’re diving into the best 5 sites to buy YouTube subscribers that are real and active. This is a great way to kickstart your channel’s growth without compromising authenticity. Ready to revolutionize your YouTube game? Let’s go!

UseViral –  Best for Targeted YouTube Subscribers

UseViral is the ultimate YouTube subscriber service, offering organic growth and top-notch customer support. It’ll add fuel to your channel’s success without sacrificing authenticity.

Picture this: You get a sudden influx of real, targeted, and engaged YouTube subscribers who are genuinely interested in what you have to offer. This boost in credibility attracts more viewers, who, in turn, become subscribers themselves. It’s a contagious cycle that propels your YouTube channel to new heights.

Pros & Cons


  • Organic growth without compromising authenticity
  • Provides genuine viewers who find value in your content
  • Real and active YouTube subscribers who appreciate your videos
  • Stellar customer support to address any concerns or questions


  • Higher prices compared to some other services, but the quality makes it worth it

Customer Reviews and Ratings

UseViral is well-loved by content creators for its ability to deliver genuine subscribers. Users praise the responsive customer support team, ensuring a smooth experience throughout the process. Many have seen a significant boost in YouTube subscribers and engagement, affirming UseViral’s reputation as a reliable service provider.

Pricing Rate

The Starter Package, priced at $13, provides 50 subscribers to give your channel a solid foundation. If you’re aiming higher, the Popular Package offers 500 subscribers for $65, while the Celebrity Package comes with 1,000 subscribers for $129. For those seeking even more significant growth, the Star Package provides 2,500 subscribers at $299.

Privacy Policy

Rest assured, UseViral values your privacy and treats your information with the utmost confidentiality. The YouTube subscriber service understands how important it is to protect your personal data, especially when it concerns your YouTube account. When you use their social media marketing services, UseViral ensures that your channel’s safety is a top priority. They collect only the necessary information required to process your YouTube subscribers’ orders.

Delivery Time

UseViral understands that timing is crucial for content creators. Depending on the package size and the market demand, different packages may take more or less time. However, they commit to starting the delivery process as soon as possible, usually within 24 to 48 hours of completing your order.

SidesMedia Best for Buying 5000 or More Subscribers at a Time

When it comes to maximizing your potential across all social media platforms, SidesMedia has got your back. Imagine a rapid surge in YouTube subscribers, taking your channel to new heights of visibility. With SidesMedia, your content reaches more eyes, giving you a powerful boost in the YouTube algorithm.

Pros & Cons


  • Rapid increase in subscribers and visibility
  • Gives your channel the exposure it needs to stand out
  • Provides real YouTube subscribers with a genuine interest in your content
  • Helps you build an active and engaged audience


  • Some may question the sudden growth, but the authenticity of SidesMedia’s YouTube subscribers speaks for itself

Customer Reviews and Ratings

SidesMedia earns accolades for delivering targeted and real YouTube subscribers who actively engage with content. Users love the quick and effective results, witnessing their channels flourish within a short span of time. This is a top-rated site to purchase YouTube subscribers and boost visibility on the platform.

Pricing Rate

The Basic Package offers 1000 subscribers at $149, a perfect starting point for gaining visibility. For those looking to make a more significant impact, the Standard Package includes 5000 subscribers for $549. Additionally, the Advanced Package delivers 10,000 subscribers for $999, giving your channel a substantial boost.

If you’re seeking to make a statement, the Premium Package comes with 20,000 subscribers at $1700, and the Deluxe Package offers 30,000 subscribers for $2249.

Privacy Policy

SidesMedia ensures the confidentiality of your data, so you can focus on creating exceptional content while they handle the rest. Their robust privacy measures ensure that your personal data remains secure and protected throughout your interaction with the platform. SidesMedia is available to support you every step of the way, providing a trustworthy service for your content promotion needs.

Delivery Time

With your content’s success as their top priority, SidesMedia strives to provide efficient and timely services to enhance your YouTube channel’s reach and impact. Their swift delivery of subscribers ensures you won’t miss out on any opportunities for growth, no matter which package you choose.

FeedPixel Best for Small Budget Content Creators

If you’re aiming to build a thriving community around your content with a small budget, look no further than FeedPixel. This quality social media service provider offers YouTube subscribers who will actively engage with your videos, creating a sense of belonging and encouraging others to join the conversation.

Pros & Cons


  • Packages built for small-budget content creators
  • Affordable prices compared to other services
  • Offers high-quality YouTube channel subscribers
  • Helps to build an organic community that values your content


  • FeedPixel has slower delivery than other services, but they follow a natural way to complete your order so your channel is not compromised.

Customer Reviews and Ratings

FeedPixel’s users praise the service for helping them create meaningful connections with their audience. Building an engaged community has become a reality for many content creators, thanks to FeedPixel’s strategic approach. Additionally, users love the affordable prices and dedicated packages designed for small-budget content creators just starting out in the industry.

Pricing Rate

The Bronze Package includes 100 subscribers for $9.99, creating a solid foundation for community growth. For those seeking to expand their audience, the Silver Package provides 250 subscribers at $19.99.

The Gold Package includes 500 subscribers for $39.99, ensuring meaningful interactions with your viewers. If you’re looking to build a larger and more engaged community, the Platinum Package comes with 1000 subscribers at $69.99.

Privacy Policy

FeedPixel values your privacy and is committed to safeguarding the security of your information at every step of the process. Their Privacy Policy is designed to protect your personal data and outline how they collect, use, disclose, and store it.

Delivery Time

FeedPixel follows a natural way to complete your order. Its focus is on providing organic subscribers, ensuring that your YouTube channel grows authentically and without any risks. Your channel can then gain organic subscribers and build a loyal and engaged audience, enabling long-term success on the platform.

Media Mister Best for Targeted Region YouTube Subscribers

Are you seeking targeted YouTube subscribers who will stick around for the long haul? Media Mister’s got your back. Their social media services provide high-quality, real subscribers, providing a solid foundation for consistent growth.

Pros & Cons


  • Long-term subscriber retention for consistent growth and steady progress
  • High-quality targeted subscribers who stick around
  • Affordable YouTube subscriber packages
  • Various security policies to protect YouTube channel owners


  • The initial subscriber count may increase gradually, but retention makes it worthwhile

Customer Reviews and Ratings

Media Mister receives praise for its high-quality subscribers who remain loyal to content creators. The consistent growth experienced by customers is a testament to Media Mister’s commitment to quality and long-term success. Additionally, customers have expressed satisfaction with Media Mister’s reliable customer support, which addresses any concerns promptly and ensures a smooth experience throughout the purchasing process.

Pricing Rate

The Basic Package offers 50 subscribers for $10, providing a solid start to your channel’s growth. The Standard Package includes 100 subscribers for $19, ensuring a steady increase in your subscriber count. The Premium Package comes with 250 subscribers at $46, providing even more potential for long-term retention. For those seeking substantial growth, the Deluxe Package offers 500 subscribers at $89.

Privacy Policy

Media Mister prioritizes your privacy, ensuring your channel remains secure throughout the process. They use industry-standard security measures to protect your personal information from any unauthorized access.

Delivery Time

MediaMister provides a reasonable delivery time for all packages. No matter which package you choose, they ensure that your order will be delivered within 1 to 4 days. This efficient and prompt delivery process ensures that you won’t have to wait long to see the results of your order.

Buy Real Media – Best for Buying YouTube Subscribers Fast

Are you looking to stand out in a sea of content creators? Buy Real Media can help you do just that. With an impressive subscriber boost, your channel becomes a beacon of excellence, catching the attention of potential viewers and subscribers alike.

Pros & Cons


  • Buy Real Media will give your content the spotlight it deserves
  • Efficient delivery that accelerates the growth of your channel
  • Boosts your channel’s popularity by attracting more viewers and subscribers


  • Buy Real Media does not offer packages with more than 500 subscribers

Customer Reviews and Ratings

Buy Real Media has earned praise for helping various channels stand out and attract more viewers. Users appreciate the boost in visibility and the opportunities it brings to be discovered by a wider audience. Customers also appreciate the fast channel growth, offering a time-saving solution for content creators to focus on creating quality videos.

Pricing Rate

The Basic Package offers 50 subscribers for $10, giving your channel a noticeable boost. The Standard Package comes with 100 subscribers for $19, attracting even more attention to your content.

For those seeking a significant impact, the Premium Package provides 250 subscribers at $46. The Deluxe Package offers 500 subscribers for $89, ensuring your channel’s standout presence.

Privacy Policy

Buy Real Media prioritizes your channel’s privacy. They are committed to maintaining the confidentiality of your information and ensuring a seamless and worry-free experience throughout the process.

Delivery Time

With Buy Real Media, your order will be delivered within 1 to 4 days. This efficient delivery ensures a quick and accelerated boost in visibility. With a significant increase in subscribers, you can achieve channel milestones and monetization eligibility faster.

How to Buy YouTube Subscribers in 2023

You’re eager to give your YouTube channel the boost it needs, and buying subscribers seems like the ticket to quick growth. But how exactly can you buy YouTube subscribers?

Let’s explore the step-by-step process for each website we’ve recommended to help you make an informed decision.

For UseViral:

  1. Visit UseViral’s “Buy YouTube Subscribers service page.
  2. Select the package that aligns with your subscriber goals and budget.
  3. Enter your YouTube channel’s URL and dedicated email address.
  4. Complete the payment process securely.
  5. Watch your subscriber count grow with real and active users.

For SidesMedia:

  1. Navigate to SidesMedia’s website and select “Buy YouTube Subscribers.”
  2. Choose the package that best suits your channel’s needs.
  3. Enter your channel’s URL and your email address.
  4. Proceed with a secure payment transaction.
  5. Experience a rapid boost in subscribers and enhanced visibility.

For FeedPixel:

  1. Head to FeedPixel’s Buy YouTube Subscribers service page.
  2. Pick a package that aligns with your goals.
  3. Provide the URL of your YouTube channel.
  4. Add billing details to complete the payment securely.
  5. Build a thriving community around your content with FeedPixel’s active subscribers.

For Media Mister:

  1. Visit Media Mister’s website and select Buy YouTube Subscribers.”
  2. Select a targeted country or region.
  3. Choose a package according to your requirements.
  4. Provide your channel’s URL, and then click on the “Buy Now” button.
  5. Add your billing details to complete the payment process.
  6. Witness steady growth and loyal subscribers who stick around for the long haul.

For Buy Real Media:

  1. Go to Buy Real Media’sBuy YouTube Subscribers service page.
  2. Choose a targeted region or country for your subscribers.
  3. Select the package that fits your channel’s needs.
  4. Enter the URL of your YouTube channel.
  5. Add accurate billing details to place your order.
  6. Capture the attention of real and active users and stand out in the YouTube landscape with Buy Real Media’s subscriber boost services.

How Can I Increase My Channel Quickly by Buying YouTube Subscribers?

Buying YouTube subscribers can provide a quick boost to your channel’s growth and visibility. Here’s how it works:

Boosting Channel Ranking

When you buy YouTube subscribers, your channel’s ranking can improve significantly. The YouTube algorithm recognizes the increased engagement and perceives your content as valuable, boosting its visibility in search results and recommendations. As a result, more viewers discover your videos, leading to a snowball effect of new subscribers and increased watch time.

Attracting Organic Traffic

With an influx of new subscribers through the purchased service, your videos may receive a higher number of views, likes, and comments. This organic engagement signals to YouTube’s algorithm that your content is relevant and compelling, further increasing your chances of appearing in related video suggestions and attracting even more organic traffic.

Expanding Your Channel’s Reach

Buying real YouTube subscribers not only expands your subscriber base but also extends the reach of your channel. As your videos gain more views and interactions from both purchased and organic subscribers, YouTube’s algorithm recognizes your channel as authoritative and promotes it to a broader audience, including users who share interests with your target audience.

Establishing Channel Authority

As your subscriber count grows, your channel gains authority in your niche. Other content creators and viewers will take notice of your increased subscriber base and engagement, viewing you as a reputable source of content. This authority opens doors for collaboration opportunities and partnerships, further fueling your channel’s growth.

Is Buying YouTube Subscribers Legit?

Yes, buying YouTube subscribers is legit. When you opt for reputable providers like the ones we’ve recommended, you receive real and active subscribers who genuinely appreciate your content.

However, it’s essential to be cautious and avoid suspicious or unreliable services that might use bots or inactive accounts to inflate your subscriber count artificially. These practices can harm your channel’s reputation and even lead to penalties from YouTube.

If you’re unsure about the service, check their refund and warranty policy. Reliable providers often offer guarantees to protect your investment and ensure your satisfaction. They stand by the quality of their subscribers, knowing that they deliver value to your channel.

Factors to Consider When Buying YouTube Subscribers

Before buying YouTube subscribers, consider the following essential factors:

Site Reputation and Customer Reviews

Research the reputation of the service provider and read customer reviews to gauge its reliability and the quality of subscribers it offers. Opt for services with positive feedback and a track record of delivering genuine results.

Pricing and Warranty Policy

Compare the pricing of different packages from various providers and assess the value they offer. Look for services with transparent warranties that protect your investment and provide peace of mind.

Delivery Speed and Safety Measures

Consider the delivery speed of subscribers to ensure it aligns with your channel’s growth strategy. Additionally, prioritize services that take measures to ensure the safety and privacy of your channel during the process.

Customer Support 24/7

Responsive and reliable customer support is crucial in case you have any questions or concerns during the buying process. Choose services that offer 24/7 assistance to provide a smooth and pleasant experience.

Tips to Safely Buy YouTube Subscribers

Purchasing real YouTube subscribers can be an effective social media growth strategy, but it’s crucial to do so safely. Follow these tips for a seamless and hassle-free experience:

Avoid Suspicious or Unreliable Services

Steer clear of services that promise unrealistic results at incredibly low prices. Such providers often use bots or inactive accounts, which can harm your channel’s reputation.

Check Site Policies and Terms of Service

Carefully review the site’s policies and terms of service to understand their delivery process and refund policy. Reliable services should offer transparent and straightforward information.

Monitor Growth and Engagement

Keep track of your channel’s growth and engagement metrics, both before and after purchasing subscribers. This helps you gauge the effectiveness of the service and the authenticity of the subscribers.

Turn Off Monetization Settings During the Growth Process

Although earning money through ads may seem appealing, it’s advisable to turn off the monetizing tool during this period. Doing so can help maintain authenticity and the retention of new subscribers.

How to Buy Real YouTube Subscribers

If you’ve decided to buy YouTube subscribers to boost your channel’s growth, follow these steps to ensure you get real and engaged subscribers:

Research Safe Service Providers

Look for reputable providers with a proven track record of delivering genuine and active subscribers. Read reviews and testimonials to gauge their reliability.

Define Your Goals and Budget

Set clear goals for your subscriber count and assess your budget to choose a package that aligns with your needs.

Choose a Suitable Package

Select a package that suits your channel’s requirements and provides the desired number of subscribers.

Read the Website Reviews

Before making a purchase, check reviews and feedback from other users to ensure the service’s quality and legitimacy.

Choose a Payment Method Offered by the Service Provider

Opt for secure and reliable payment methods provided by the service to ensure a smooth transaction.

How Much Does it Cost to Buy YouTube Subscribers?

To help you plan your investment, here’s a comparison of the prices for different subscriber packages offered by the recommended websites:


Service Provider

100 Subscribers

500 Subscribers

1,000 Subscribers







Not Available










Not Available

Media Mister



Not Available

Not Available

Buy Real Media



Not Available

Not Available

Buy YouTube Subscribers FAQs

Is It Legal to Buy YouTube Subscribers?

It’s natural to wonder about the legality of buying high-quality YouTube subscribers. Opting for genuine and authentic subscribers from reputable providers, like the ones we’ve recommended, ensures compliance with YouTube’s terms of service. On the other hand, buying from suspicious or unreliable sources that use bots or inactive accounts may lead to account suspension or penalties from YouTube.

Is It Cheap to Buy YouTube Subscribers?

The cost to buy YouTube subscribers can vary depending on the provider and the number of subscribers you wish to acquire. While some services might offer very low prices, it’s essential to consider the quality and authenticity of the subscribers they provide. Remember, investing in real and engaged subscribers ensures long-term growth and authenticity for your channel, making it a valuable investment.

What is the Price to Buy 10K Active YouTube Subscribers?

Buying 10,000 active YouTube subscribers can significantly impact your channel’s visibility and credibility. The cost of purchasing such a substantial number of subscribers can range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars, depending on the provider and their pricing structure. Again, prioritizing reputable services that deliver genuine subscribers is crucial, even if it means investing a bit more.

Can Buying YouTube Subscribers Lead to Account Suspension or Penalties?

The risk of account suspension or penalties arises when you buy subscribers from unreliable sources that use bots or inactive accounts. These practices violate YouTube’s terms of service, as the platform aims to foster organic growth and authentic interactions. However, when you opt for reputable providers offering real and active subscribers, you steer clear of these potential issues.

How Long Does it Take to See Results After I Buy YouTube Subscribers?

The time it takes to see results after purchasing from a YouTube subscribers service can vary based on the provider and the package you choose. Generally, you’ll start noticing an increase in your subscriber count shortly after the purchase. However, the real value lies in the organic growth that follows. As your channel gains more visibility and attracts organic viewers, your subscriber count will continue to grow over time.

Are There Any Alternatives to Buying YouTube Subscribers?

While buying real YouTube subscribers can be a quick way to boost your channel’s growth, it’s not the only path to success. Many successful YouTubers have achieved fame and recognition through organic growth. By consistently creating high-quality Youtube videos, engaging with your audience, and collaborating with other creators, you can attract genuine subscribers who love your content.

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The Bottom Line

When it comes to growing your YouTube channel, buying subscribers can be a game-changer. By choosing reputable providers like UseViral, SidesMedia, FeedPixel, MediaMister, and BuyRealMedia, you ensure real and active subscribers who appreciate your content.

To make the most of this strategy, prioritize long-term growth and organic engagement. Remember, success on YouTube takes time and dedication.

As you make informed decisions and consider factors like site reputation, pricing, delivery speed, and customer support, you set yourself up for a thriving channel that stands the test of time.


Please understand that any advice or guidelines revealed here are not even remotely substitutes for advice from a reputable advisor. Make sure to consult with a professional consultant before making any purchasing decision if you  have concerns following the review details shared above. Individual results may vary and are not guaranteed. Reviewer is not responsible for pricing inaccuracies. Check product sales page for final prices.

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