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Car Rental in Tel Aviv

The convenient way to get to all the main attractions in Israel without having to wait for public transportation

Rent now for great prices (photo: Courtesy)
Rent now for great prices (photo: Courtesy)

Israel is a dream vacation destination, a compact country where you can visit many of its great attractions in just a week or two. In order to do this, however, you need to consider the best ways of getting around. Israel has good roads, so road travel is definitely an option. And if you love the idea of a spontaneous holiday which allows you to draw up your own itinerary and get off the beaten path, then renting a car while in Israel is the ideal solution.

Your first taste of Israel will probably be Tel Aviv since the main airport is located just a few kilometers from what many consider the country’s second city. Tel Aviv is always high on everyone’s ‘to do’ list since it’s packed with world class attractions, a famously exciting nightlife, and beautiful sunny beaches. In terms of getting around the city, car rental in Tel Aviv is an excellent option. It’s a convenient way to get you to all the main places in town without having to wait for public transport, or spend money on taxis. There are plenty of road signs to help you – and they all come in Hebrew, Arabic and English which makes life easy for all.

The advantages of renting a car in Tel Aviv

If you’re not sure whether to go for car rental in Tel Aviv, bear in mind that the city, which takes in quite a large area, was designed with the automobile in mind. It’s quite driver-friendly too with wide streets and lots of parking (although most for a fee). If you’re planning on staying out late at night, having your own car is a convenient option, meaning you can get back to your hotel in next to no time.  If possible, aim to miss the rush hour traffic from 7am to 10am, and from 3am to 7pm.

Tel Aviv is also one of the cheapest places in Israel to rent a car, with many car rental companies to choose from. If you decide on car rental in Tel Aviv this will also make it easier for you to travel on Saturday, since it’s a day when public transport is limited.

Opting for car rental in Tel Aviv also allows you to escape to other parts of the country too, quickly and comfortably. Jerusalem is only an hour away, so from your base is in Tel Aviv you can take in Israel’s fascinating capital city in a day trip.