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Mussa Abu Sabila, 41: Killed while driving to rescue nephew

Bedouin father of six slain by Hamas near Kibbutz Re’im on October 7

Moussa Abu Sabila, 41, was killed by Hamas in the kibbutz Re'im area on October 7 (courtesy)
Moussa Abu Sabila, 41, was killed by Hamas in the kibbutz Re'im area on October 7 (courtesy)

Mussa Abu Sabila, 41, from the Abu Talul Bedouin village, was murdered on October 7 near where he was working as a security guard in Kibbutz Re’im.

He was first shot and injured when Hamas terrorists stormed the kibbutz. Despite being wounded, he managed to get into his car to try to reach nearby Kibbutz Urim, where one of his nephews was working, to protect him, according to the Forum for Negev Bedouin Civilian Victims.

His friend, Harib Abu Sabila, told Ynet that “I tried to warn him not to go [toward his nephew] but I didn’t succeed.” Later, said Harib, Mussa called him and said he’d been shot and wounded — his friend tried to send help, but it was too late.

Harib said Mussa was an IDF veteran who worked as a security guard and was married with eight children.

Michael Pe’er wrote on a memorial site that he “was honored to have known you and to be your friend. You believed in relations between Jews and Muslims and always respected everyone no matter what. I am pained by your horrible death at the hands of monsters… I will keep speaking about how noble and honorable you were in your life and in your death.”

Another family member, Amer Odeh Abu Sabila, 25, from the same village, was also killed on October 7, while trying to save two little girls in the southern city of Sderot.

Ali Abu Sabila, a cousin to both Mussa and Amer, told the Davar news outlet that Abu Talul is severely underserved, and “I hope that now the government will see us as equal citizens and take care of us.”

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