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Loic Savage and Justin Gilmore share 5 insights to help you transform your mindset

Your perception and attitude are steered and controlled by your mindset

Courtesy of Loic Savage & Justin Gilmore
Courtesy of Loic Savage & Justin Gilmore

There is an essential tool that every entrepreneur has access to. A tool that can prove to be more imperative to success than start-up capital and perfectly constructed business plans. This essential tool is: your mindset. Your perception and attitude are steered and controlled by your mindset; it decides whether you believe that you are constantly facing setbacks or you are being given access to learning opportunities. Leading entrepreneurs Loic Savage and Justin Gilmore believe in the power of your mindset and how you can transform it to lead you straight to success. Loic is a serial entrepreneur who has focused his enterprising ambitions on different industries to achieve success. His current accomplishments lie within the eCommerce industry where he has launched several thriving Shopify stores. As the founder of, Justin has revolutionized how we integrate cryptocurrency into our lives. deals with the sale and placement of Bitcoin ATMs. Here, Loic and Justin share five ways to transform your mindset and bring you closer to success.

1. Keep company of winners
According to Loic Savage, the company you keep can be integral to your mindset. If you surround yourself with forward-thinking people who are doing everything within their power to reach their full potential, you can be inspired to do the same. Justin Gilmore suggests prioritizing networking with those thriving within your industry to see your aspirations skyrocket to success.

2. Alter your self-talk
Justin Gilmore believes that how we talk to ourselves can have a huge influence on how close we can come to success. If you repeat positive affirmations to yourself and remind yourself that you can do anything, you will go further. Loic states that many of us don’t realize the detrimental effect that negative self-talk can have on us.

3. Prioritize learning
According to Loic, many of us carry a fixed mindset without even realizing it. A fixed mindset believes that you stop learning at a certain point and there is nothing more to know about. Justin points out that the growth mindset prioritizes learning and looks at setbacks and mistakes as opportunities for growth.

4. Define your purpose
According to Justin, many of us don’t take the time out to define our purpose, as the idea of trying to determine exactly what we are trying to achieve can be overwhelming. Loic states that the easiest way to decide your purpose is by breaking it down into several achievements that you hope to accomplish within a certain period of time.

5. Learn resilience
Loic admits that resilience is not a skill that you can simply seek out. It is gained by rising above and learning from your failures. Justin believes that no matter how difficult resilience is to learn, once you have mastered the ability to bounce back and try again, your mindset will be fully transformed.

Your mindset is a vital ally in your journey toward success, which is why Loic Savage and Justin Gilmore believe that you should take the time to transform it.

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