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Next year in Jerusalem!

Living in Jerusalem has always been considered the pinnacle of aspirations for all Diaspora Jews.

This is The Time to buy an Apartment in Israel
This is The Time to buy an Apartment in Israel

Living in Jerusalem has always been considered the pinnacle of aspirations for all Diaspora Jews wishing to feel that they have come home, while maintaining the quality of life they are used to in their countries of origin. Jerusalem – where everyone feels at home, with its atmosphere, uniquely hers, merging holy and ordinary, merging tranquility with a sense of belonging.

What hasn’t been said of Jerusalem! The city reunited, capital of Israel, famous worldwide for its importance to the three monotheistic religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Its holiness is felt in every nook and cranny. A simple everyday stroll through the city is enough to make people truly feel its history.

The city offers a plethora of synagogues, churches and mosques. It offers vistas that have been enjoyed by travelers and residents for millennia. It offers a spiritual connection no other place on earth can offer. But in recent years Jerusalem has begun revealing an additional hidden quality: innovation, and multi faceted cultural life. Museums abound, concert halls bring the best and the brightest stars, restaurants and attractions keep popping up throughout the city, making Jerusalem a special mosaic of old world charm with new Israeli spirit. Jerusalem renews, it develops, and yet it maintains its very particular style, its core, its heart.

As part of this upswing in innovation, building in Jerusalem has also undergone numerous adaptations. Real estate companies have found the raw potential that Jerusalem offers, especially for local residents, and have begun investing in new prestigious building projects throughout the city. The wave of construction offers rare opportunities for anyone in whom a Jewish heart beats and who always wanted to be part of the Jewish people, equal among equals, securing a place in the holy city.

A private snippet of history

For years, new building occurred only among the city’s peripheral neighborhoods, but currently there’s a wave of innovation once again moving into the most sought after inner city areas. One example is Haneviim Street, the seam line between the Mea Shearim neighborhood and the bustling city center. This street, an unwritten boundary between two uniquely Jerusalemite areas, has become one of the hottest real estate spots.

Haneviim Street – mythological, located in Jerusalem’s historical and cultural throbbing heart, with dozens of architectural and historical sites. The area is characterized by several outstanding buildings of impressive historical value such as Rabbi Kook’s house, Ticho House, Sergei’s Court, and the Hadassah College Campus — still in its original building which housed the Rothschild Hospital — not to mention the House of Arches in Havatzelet Street.

Haneviim Street became a much sought area already by the mid-19th century. Since then, it has been considered a prestigious location, as noted by the fact that it housed consulates, hospitals, educational institutions, religious centers, and lavish residences. Neviim Court, the new residential project currently being established, is on a relatively high topographical location for that area, and overlooks stunning vistas of the Old City, the Temple Mount, Mount of Olives, Mount Scopus, King David Hotel, and more.

A brief walk away is the city center, with its fast paced renewal, coffee shops, restaurants and galleries, the Mamilla Boulevard, the Ben Yehuda pedestrian mall, and so much more. Nearby you’ll find kindergartens, schools, leading religious centers, and plenty of public transport, from buses to the light rail.

Right here, a walk from the Old City, new luxury apartments await you in the exclusive “Neviim Court” project by Africa Israel, Israel’s leading real estate developer. “Neviim Court” – enjoy an exhilarating residential experience, in Jerusalem’s historical heart. As you enter the site, feel Jerusalem’s soul enveloping you. Jerusalem stone, luxury construction, and a feeling of indulgence will make it clear that this is the place for you – in a spacious apartment, well styled, a stroll away from the city center and the holy sites.

Africa Israel, the veteran leader in real estate development, invites you to begin the New Year in the holy city, in the perfect atmosphere of Jerusalem’s historical vistas. Here you’ll enjoy an exclusive residential experience, highest building standards, architectural styling and rich technological specifications and touches.

If you’ve always wanted to be part of a city that’s thousands of years old, if you’ve ever dreamed of waking in the morning and feeling that unique Jerusalem atmosphere, now’s the time to upgrade and allow yourself a home in Jerusalem. You’re invited to find your home in the city King David called home.

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