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Doron and Mor Meyer, 58 & 17: Father and daughter slain together at home

Murdered by Hamas terrorists in Kibbutz Nirim on October 7, while mom Thess survived by hiding in a closet

Doron Meir and his daughter Mor Meir (Courtesy)
Doron Meir and his daughter Mor Meir (Courtesy)

Doron Meyer, 58, and his daughter, Mor Meyer, 17, were murdered together by Hamas terrorists in their home in Kibbutz Nirim on October 7.

Their wife and mother, Thess, hid in a closet and survived. Mor’s sister, Shelly, 18, was not home at the time. The family had another child, Shalev, who died before his first birthday in 2011.

“All my life was ruined, How can I live without you? How do we continue from here?” Thess wrote on Facebook. “I will never forget you till the end of my life. I can’t describe the sadness I feel. I am lucky to have Shelly, this is what I have left and I will never leave you.”

Doron’s cousin, Ricky Grossman, wrote that he tried to shoot at the terrorists as they entered through the window, but ultimately was killed.

“Doron, a member of the kibbutz from the day he was born, established a glorious family together with his wife Thess,” she wrote. “Their daughters Shelly and Mor were their whole world. They loved to travel together around the world and were always surrounded by friends.”

Shelly paid tribute to her sister and father in an emotional Instagram post.

“Dad, the best dad in the world… in my worst nightmares I never thought I would have to eulogize you so quickly,” she wrote. “Mom and I are crushed, how could you leave us like this?”

“You were everything to me, you could never say no to me, you drove me everywhere… you were my biggest fan,” she added. “You told me that I could accomplish everything I wanted in life, but now all I want is you and Mor and nothing in the world will replace you.”

“I can’t believe that you won’t see me enlist in the IDF, won’t see me get married, won’t walk me down the aisle, won’t see your grandchildren and so many other things,” Shelly said.

Turning to her sister, Shelly said that in the weeks since her death, so many of Mor’s friends have come to pay tribute to her and say how fun and full of joy she was.

“How old are you? You’re 17 fucking years old, you won’t finish high school, won’t become a humvee driver [in the army] as you wanted so much, won’t reach legal age, won’t give me nephews, won’t take clothes out of my closet, won’t blast songs at full volume every morning,” Shelly wrote.

“I love you so much my little and only sister, watch over Shalev for me, our little brother, I know how much you loved him and now you are all together and happy.”

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