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Passover Shopping Guide and our Top 10 Picks for Passover

Celebrate Freedom with Gorgeous Gifts from Israel!

Gifts for Passover.
Gifts for Passover.

Passover is many things to many people. It’s cleaning and cooking, stories and songs. It’s matzah balls (never quite as good as Mom’s) floating in a bowl of chicken soup, and eggs swimming in a sea of salt water. It’s long, wine-filled evenings stretching late into the night, and children’s piping voices carefully enunciating the words of ancient songs. It’s last year’s inevitable matzah crumbs stuck between the Haggadah’s pages, and the wine-stain that won’t come off its cover. Passover is a celebration: of spring, of Judaism, of freedom.

Ultimately, Passover recounts our ancestor’s exodus from Egypt and slavery, and their 40-year journey to their final destination: Israel. This year, why not celebrate the Festival of Freedom with gorgeous gifts and Judaica from the Holy Land?

1. Seder Plate

The Seder Plate is Passover’s centerpiece. There are six symbolic foods used through the night, and the Seder plate is where they sit waiting to play their part in recounting the Exodus story. It makes sense that something so pivotal to the night should be the most beautiful thing on the table! There are a huge variety of styles, materials and prices available, so you can choose the perfect plate for your Seder table!

Lara Cowen “Ripple” Seder Plate RRP $529 Our Price $349

2. Matzah Tray

Love it or hate it, matzah – called the ‘bread of affliction’ in the Haggadah – is one of Passover’s inevitabilities. Even the most ardent hater will admit to some pleasure at that very first crumb-spraying crunch into a crispy flat sheet of matzah! With so many carbs and grains off the menu for the week, you’ll be eating your way through a fair amount of the flatbread – so keep it clean with a matzah tray! These trays are available in a choice of ceramics, fabric, glass, stainless steel and more.

3. Matzah Cover

Three pieces of matzah are used throughout the Seder, and just like the challah loaves on Shabbat, they are covered with a decorative cloth before use. Many matzah covers include three separate linings for super-simple use. Dozens of these stunning designs come with matching afikoman bags ready to stash the stolen matzah away!

4. Afikoman Gifts

The afikoman is the bigger piece of the broken middle matzah. It’s hidden away to be eaten as ‘dessert’ after the meal (afikoman is Aramaic for dessert). Matzah is known as lechem oni, a poor man’s bread: we hide it to mimic a beggar saving half his meal to eat later. It’s a Seder-night tradition for kids to steal the afikoman and ransom it back for special gifts. Plan ahead and buy gorgeous gifts for kids from Israel!

5. Kiddush Cup

One of the best parts of Seder night is arguably the pleasure of being expected to drink four cups of wine! While it’s totally acceptable to use wineglasses, many families have the custom to give everyone round the table a Kiddush cup – and minimally, the Seder’s leader uses one. Pick from any number of beautiful Kiddush cups created by Israel’s most talented designers and prepare to wow your guests!

Pewter Kiddush Cup – Old Jerusalem RRP $45 Our Price $29.99

6. Elijah’s Cup

Although we drink four cups of wine during Seder, a fifth cup is poured – ready for the prophet Elijah, and to symbolize the five phrases of redemption found in the Torah. There are several gorgeous ‘Elijah cups’ made for this very purpose!

Yair Emanuel Hnad-Painted Elijah’s Cup RRP $39.95 Our Price $27.95

7. Wine

…Speaking of wine, avoid another year of sickly-sweet Kiddush wine by ordering bottles of award-winning Israeli wine! Produced on internationally-acclaimed vineyards in Israel’s Golan region, these wines will make Seder night’s obligatory drinking even better…

Yarden Pinot Noir – 2007 Vintage RRP $60 Our Price $44.99
Yarden Pinot Noir – 2007 Vintage
RRP $60
Our Price $44.99

8. Haggadah

It’s quite simple: no Haggadah, no Seder. This medieval Jewish text details the order of the Seder and tells the Passover story, and details the customs and songs that make Seder special! Your Haggadah will stay with you for years, making it a meaningful and treasured gift to receive. With a vast choice of translated and illustrated editions, there’s a perfect Haggadah for everyone!

English-Hebrew Haggadah with Classic Artwork RRP $40 Our Price $24.99
English-Hebrew Haggadah with Classic Artwork
RRP $40
Our Price $24.99

9. Kosher Gift Basket

Israel’s sunny Mediterranean climate allows it to grow some of the most delicious natural produce around. If you’re celebrating Passover with friends or family, consider a gorgeous gift box stuffed with the very best kosher for Passover foods in the world!

Galilee’s Exclusive Large Gift Box RRP $99 Our Price $74.99
Galilee’s Exclusive Large Gift Box
RRP $99
Our Price $74.99

10. Eclectic Gifts to Make Them Smile!

If you’re staying with family or eating with friends, you’re likely to need a few little gifts to give as tokens of thanks. If you want something more original than wine, chocolates or flowers, consider renowned Israeli designer Barbara Shaw’s special Pesach line, which includes towels, coasters, aprons and more! Her quirky, contemporary style and vibrant colors are sure to make your hosts smile!

Barbara Shaw Matzah Print Coasters RRP $29.95 Our Price $17.95
Barbara Shaw Matzah Print Coasters
RRP $29.95
Our Price $17.95

So there you have it – our Top 10 Picks for perfect Passover gifts from Israel! Chag Sameach!

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