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Troy Kotsur – Advocating for onscreen authenticity

Academy-Award winning actor Troy Kotsur has been featured in blockbuster films, Broadway shows, and hit TV shows throughout his career.

Troy has been a tireless advocate for the Deaf community, both in front of and behind the cameras.

Troy sat down with host Jay Ruderman to discuss the importance of authenticity in portrayal of Deaf and disabled characters, and the vital importance of learning ASL at a young age. Special thanks to interpreter Justin Maurer for his help with this episode.

Also be sure to check out Troy’s Documentary Film, To My Father, which depicts his journey to winning an Oscar and his father’s inspiring influence on him, despite a tragic accident.

All About Change is hosted by Jay Ruderman, whose life’s work is seeking social justice and inclusion for people with disabilities worldwide. Join Jay as he interviews iconic guests who have gone through adversity and harnessed their experiences to better the world. This show ultimately offers the message of hope that we need to keep going. All About Change is a production of the Ruderman Family Foundation.

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