‘Stealthy’ Israeli firm ranks among on-line video giants

‘Stealthy’ Israeli firm ranks among on-line video giants

AnyClip’s March numbers are out — and they show that the company is having a major impact on the Internet

Searching AnyClip's database with keywords yields a clip result, such as this one from the film Apollo 13 (Courtesy)
Searching AnyClip's database with keywords yields a clip result, such as this one from the film Apollo 13 (Courtesy)

AnyClip, an Israeli start-up, is one of the ten biggest video content companies on the Internet, according to the latest web analytics. Via its distribution network and unique metadata search engine, AnyClip came in tenth on comScore’s March list of sites with the most unique viewers, just behind content giants Amazon, Vimeo and Turner Digital, the online arm of CNN and affiliated sites.

Though well established, AnyClip was not considered a major player in the online video content space, certainly not as big as the aforementioned sites. While the ranking by comScore, the online data analytics site considered by many to be the top authority on Internet usage numbers, may have surprised many in the business, it did not surprise the AnyClip people. “AnyClip Media’s cutting edge technology and vast distribution network are all focused on providing tremendous value to our various partners,” said Oren Nauman, AnyClip Media’s CEO. “We are honored to be included in the list alongside Internet giants like Google, Facebook and Yahoo, and we are diligently working to further expand our offerings both in breadth and depth. We are excited about the opportunities we see.”

AnyClip partners with content producers and owners to develop, curate and distribute their content for websites, devices and smartphones. The company helps content owners monetize video clips on sites by offering an advertising platform and partnerships to content owners (using clips from movies for ad campaigns, for instance). Users have free access to millions of video clips from movies, TV shows and web sites, allowing them to watch or even repost clips on their own sites, but only two minute’s worth at a time. The site has a robust search engine which lets users find appropriate clips by entering keywords, names of actors, places, genres, even dialogue.

According to comScore, AnyClip Media is one of the top traffic networks globally and responsible for almost 2 percent of the world’s video ad inventory. This is quite an achievement, considering that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of companies competing in this space, according to Nauman. He added that the company’s ranking on comScore’s top 10 list is due to the extensive reach of AnyClip’s network. According to comScore, during March AnyClip Media reached a total of 36.6 million unique viewers in the US alone, and had 440 million video views.

AnyClip has been in business since 2008, and is a part of the media incubator sponsored by VC fund Jerusalem Venture Partners. According to Yoav Tzruya, a company board member and JVP partner, AnyClip’s ranking with the Internet’s leading video sites “was made possible by AnyClip Media’s unique technological approach and innovative business model, enabling its competitive edge at the highest levels of the Internet video marketplace. Given that the online video advertising market is expected to double itself from $4 billion in 2013 to $8 billion in 2016, AnyClip Media’s top ranking, combined with the company’s unique, sustainable technology advantage and its strong roadmap, we believe that AnyClip Media is well positioned to capitalize on this significant opportunity.”

Click below to see a promotional video from AnyClip:

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