Vice PM: Better to bomb Iran than to let it get the bomb

Home Front Command warns of hundreds of missiles hitting Tel Aviv area if war breaks out

Vice Prime Minister Moshe Ya’alon called on Iran Tuesday to gives up its uranium enrichment program and said that bombing Iran is preferable to letting Iran acquire an atomic bomb.

“Israel won’t stop until Iran gives up its enrichment program,” said Yaalon, to a conference in Misgav, in northern Israel. “One way or another Iran’s nuclear program needs to be stopped, and hopefully not by war.”

He added that if a choice has to be made between Iran having the bomb or bombing Iran, bombing Iran would obviously be preferable.

He called on Iran to shut down its nuclear sites and get rid of the enriched uranium already in its possession. His comments came on the heels of an announcement by Iran that it has begun designing its first nuclear submarine.

Also on Tuesday, a senior Home Front commander warned of hundreds of missiles raining down on Tel Aviv should war break out.

The head of the greater Tel Aviv district of the Home Front Command, Colonel Adam Zussman, said that the government and army have been preparing rescue plans in case of unconventional attacks on residents who live in the center of the country. He warned that the missile attacks could lead to “hundreds of casualties.”

“We take the threat of missile attacks very seriously,” he said.

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