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Zur Saidi, 28: Had plans to propose to girlfriend, establish orchard

Murdered while trying to flee the Supernova festival, October 7

Tzur Saidi
Tzur Saidi

Zur Saidi, 28, was murdered by Hamas while trying to flee the Supernova music festival on October 7.

He attended the rave with his two close childhood friends, Aviad Halevi and Omri Ram, who were also both slain that day.

The three attempted to flee from the site of the rave when the rocket fire began, and were all shot dead by Hamas terrorists.

Zur is survived by his parents, Ayelet and Dudi, his older sister Mia and his girlfriend of eight years, Imbar Eliyahu. He was buried on October 8 in the Gederot cemetery.

He was a graduate of the Hebrew University’s Faculty of Food and Environmental Agriculture.

“Zur was planning on proposing to his girlfriend Imbar in a month on a big trip overseas they had planned,” his sister, Mia, told Army Radio.

“He wanted to follow in our father’s footsteps and become a farmer. At the party in Re’im, he was taking care of his friends who were wounded until the last minute. He could have fled, but he stayed to take care of them.”

His cousin Noa told the Walla news site that “Zur was a sensitive child, he always took care of his grandparents, would always go visit them… A child with a good heart, someone to admire.”

His mother, Ayelet, told Maariv that he “always helped people, took care of people, he had such a sensitivity toward humans. He was a people person, it really characterized him from a young age,” she said, noting when he was 4 or 5 how he saw an old man sitting alone on a bench and went to sit next to him and speak to him so he wouldn’t be alone.

“This is a story which illustrates who Zuri was,” she said. “He always saw people. He always helped people who were alone or weak.” Ayelet said his dream was to work in agriculture, “to establish an orchard here, a winery, to cultivate a farm here — he had the blueprints and he had it all planned out on paper… He was very organized, knew what he wanted.”

He really “loved the moshav, the land, loved agriculture — on the one hand, he was such a moshavnik, but on the other hand, he also loved parties, raves, festivals,” and also had a spiritual-religious side, his mother said.

Just after he was killed, Imbar wrote online to “my Zuri, the best person I knew.”

“We met almost eight years ago and I fell in love with you immediately,” she wrote. “I always thought to myself, how can it be that I lucked out with such a perfect boyfriend… Your whole life was devoted to doing good. You were always dedicated to helping, to spreading light, to unifying and creating.”

Imbar said she found out after he was killed that he had been planning to propose, “I would have said yes to you a thousand times!”

“I am comforted by the fact that you aren’t here to see the horrors going on in our country,” she added. “Your sweet heart would hurt and crumple. I love you my beautiful. I promise you that I will make sure everyone knows how wonderful your journey in this life was.”

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