Seinfeld spurns embrace-seeking Kesha
No hug for youNo hug for you

Seinfeld spurns embrace-seeking Kesha

Singer interrupts interview with Jewish comedian, who says he 'didn't know who that was' but wishes her the best

WASHINGTON — Jerry Seinfeld is not a hugger and he let Kesha know it before a star-studded charity event in Washington earlier this week.

Video shows Kesha interrupting an interview the Jewish comedian was doing with a local news reporter ahead of the “Night of Laughter & Song” event at the Kennedy Center on Monday.

The singer wanted a hug from the comedian, but Seinfeld repeatedly declined, backing off and telling her, “no thanks.”

Kesha quickly walked away while Seinfeld laughed and told the reporter he “didn’t know who that was.” He said that he wished her the best after being told it was Kesha.

The singer didn’t seem too upset about the encounter, posting on Twitter on Tuesday that she has “lots to smile about.”

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