Israel’s loudest North American celebrity could use some ulpan time to improve her Hebrew. Jennifer Snukal, who first found fame as one of the rich reality stars on “Meusharot,” Israel’s version of the “Real Housewives,” is known for frequently switching between English and Hebrew.

Now on her second reality show, battling fellow celeb couples on “Winning VIP Couple,” Snukal attained the ultimate in Israeli fame when satire show “Eretz Nehederet” poked fun at her language skills.

Her most recent Hebrew gaffe came up when she was trying to say, “I’ll die,” with regard to one of her missions on “VIP Couple.” Instead, she said, “Ani tamuti,” which nonsensically translates to “I you will die.”

“I know, that’s my Hebrew!” she said, when asked on “Good Evening with Guy Pines” how she felt about being lampooned. “I don’t have time!”

Snukal moved from Calgary to Los Angeles at 18, earning her first fortune from a roofing company she opened with her Israeli ex-husband. She has five children from two marriages, and appears on “Winning VIP” with her current boyfriend, former soccer player Ofer Talker.

The Israeli television show pits eight celebrities, along with their partners, in a reality competition, testing their relationships while they all live together in one luxury villa.