Looney Tune terrorLooney Tune terror

Gaza militants get Disney treatment

Hamas propaganda video ‘Shake Israel’s Security’ spawns parodies

Renee Ghert-Zand is the health reporter and a feature writer for The Times of Israel.

Stop Hamas Terrorism  art campaign (photo credit: Courtesy/aleXsandro Palombo)
Stop Hamas Terrorism art campaign (photo credit: Courtesy/aleXsandro Palombo)

A Hebrew-language propaganda video released earlier this month by Hamas has spawned a variety of parodies.

Spoofers have gone in a number of different creative directions in poking fun at the the original clip, which has been removed by YouTube for violating the social media site’s policy prohibiting hate speech. It featured Hamas militants assembling, transporting and launching rockets against Israeli targets.

Hamas titled the video, “Shake Israel’s Security,” but Israelis have been commonly referring to it as “t’kof ta’aseh biguim,” a phrase from the song’s chorus meaning “attack, carry out terror attacks,” sung in Arabic-accented Hebrew.

In one parody, Disney meets Hamas as cute and cuddly “Lion King” characters prance around to the song from the original video. With some 55,000 views since its posting two days ago, if would seem that comedian Sharon Luxenburg‘s was spot on in pairing scenes of Timon and his fellow meerkats digging tunnels underground with Hamas’s song about wiping out the Zionists.


(Luxenburg is not the only one to think Disney. Artist and activist aleXsandro Palombo has turned the beloved cartoon couple Aladdin and Jasmine in to Hamas terrorists.)

Other “fans” of Hamas’ propaganda efforts have removed the instrumentation and produced an a cappella version of the song that has garnered some 30,000 hits so far. The voices heard on the video presumably belong to the two guys, identified as Chaim’ke and Shakdov, who appear wearing keffiyeh headdresses fashioned from bath towels.

Another response involves a group of reservists called up to serve in Operation Protective Edge jamming in what looks like a garage. They alternate between a famous Israeli song about peace and “t’kof ta’aseh biguim” as they strum guitars and bang on boxes in a video that hovers under 8,000 views.

Finally, someone created a video that doesn’t spoof Hamas’ song so much as it skewers the terrorist organization’s attempts at striking Israelis. Who do they use to show Hamas’ incompetence? None other than Looney Tunes’ hapless and inept Wile E. Coyote.

We thought it the best of the bunch, but so far it has only had around 2,000 views.


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