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Dor Reder, 22: Moved to Be’eri to care for special needs child

Murdered by Hamas terrorists in the kibbutz on October 7 as his MDA paramedic father Zvi treated Supernova rave victims

Dor Reder with his father, MDA paramedic Zvi. (MDA)
Dor Reder with his father, MDA paramedic Zvi. (MDA)

Dor Reder, 22, was killed by Hamas terrorists in Kibbutz Be’eri on October 7.

Reder, who grew up on the nearby Kibbutz Sa’ad, had moved to Be’eri recently to work as a caretaker for a child with special needs.

His father, Zvi Reder, is a paramedic with Magen David Adom, and his mother, Dorit, is a nurse. Both were working to treat the wounded on Saturday morning before they knew the fate of their son.

Zvi said that people wounded from the Supernova music festival began showing up at the gate of the kibbutz, and “I performed an initial triage in order to assess the severity of their injuries and at the same time I informed the Negev dispatch center that I was beginning evacuation to the hospital and that they should be prepared for my arrival.”

“Only after I arrived at the hospital did I realize that my son was missing and that I had had no communication with him. At 11 in the morning he wrote that he could not speak and that there was a noise outside,” Zvi recalled. “About an hour later, his brother called him and a terrorist answered him in Arabic.”

Zvi has launched an initiative he has titled “We are a winning generation” (Dor is Hebrew for generation), calling on Israelis to fly the Israeli flag proudly from their homes and vehicles.

Noam Ben-dov, Dor’s brother-in-law, wrote that he was “the guy with a joy for life and a huge heart, a conquerer of hearts, you were so alive, always helping everything, managing to do everything in such a short time, running from place to place, a person who lived life, enjoyed it and was satisfied.”

Ben-Dov wrote that over the past few weeks, “We understood how many true friends you have, so many people from the army, the kibbutz, from Be’eri, from school and everyone said that you were their best friends, you gave everyone so much love.”

He added that Dor was so happy to have moved to work and live in Be’eri. “We felt that you were blossoming and happy that you found your natural home. Who would have known that you would lose your life there suddenly at such a young age.”

Dor’s younger brother, Ron, wrote on Facebook about the special bond the pair shared.

“I don’t know how to part from you, it’s so hard, but for you, I will always stay strong and happy,” Ron wrote. “You were the best big brother I could ever ask for, you were always there to me, for every single thing, and you were my best friend who I could tell everything to.”

“I want to thank you for all that you taught me, when I was born you protected me, educated me, brought me up, I couldn’t ask for it to happen any other way and I love you and won’t stop missing you.”

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