Israeli actor cast for ‘Homeland’ role

Israeli actor cast for ‘Homeland’ role

Oshri Cohen set to play in fifth season of acclaimed American TV series, filmed in Berlin

Oshri Cohen (Wikimedia Commons/Creativeandromedia/CC0)
Oshri Cohen (Wikimedia Commons/Creativeandromedia/CC0)

Israeli actor Oshri Cohen was cast to play a character on the fifth season of the American smash hit TV series “Homeland,” which Forbes reports draws on average 1.66 million viewers per episode.

It was not immediately clear which character Cohen would play, but sources in the show’s production said that apart from his skills, the Israeli actor was also selected due to his Middle Eastern look and rugged features, the Walla news site reported.

Showtime’s “Homeland” is based on the Israeli show “Hatufim,” created by Gideon Raff, who is also an executive producer of the American show.

The American version of the show has garnered numerous Golden Globe awards and several Emmys.

Carrie is back in Season 4 of "Homeland" (promotional image)
Carrie in Season 4 of “Homeland” (promotional image)

The fifth season was being filmed primarily in Berlin and is to air starting in October.

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