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Cindy and Igal Flash, 67 & 66: ‘They were my inspiration’

US-Israeli couple killed in safe room in Kfar Aza, October 7

Igal and Cindy Flash (Courtesy)
Igal and Cindy Flash (Courtesy)

Cindy Flash, a 67-year-old American-Israeli, and her Israeli husband Igal Flash, 66, were both killed by Hamas terrorists while trying to hide in their safe room on October 7 in Kfar Aza.

For five days their family waited to hear news about the couple, not knowing if they had been killed or taken captive, before finally being informed that their bodies had been found.

Cindy, a native of Minnesota, moved to Israel decades ago where she met and married the Israeli-born Igal, the son of Holocaust survivors.

“She was just all heart and soul,” their daughter, Keren Flash, said of her mother in comments to CNN. “They were just a good balance of each other, and really taught me what a loving and strong relationship should look like and they were just my inspiration for everything.”

Keren said that her mother was a peace activist who had protested against past Israeli wars.

“She was there protesting all the time so they won’t destroy it – so that people will see what’s happening because you don’t treat human beings like that no matter what their religious belief is and what their ethnicity is,” she said. “They cared about other people. They fought for other people’s rights and other people’s voices.”

Cindy’s friend Alon Gayer recalled her fondly on Facebook, writing that she had “a prominent American accent, golden hair and blue eyes. We knew each other very well, she was a witty woman with a sarcastic sense of humor, strict and exacting in the best sense of the words.”

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