5 IDF soldiers killed during Monday’s infiltration attempt

Five IDF soldiers were killed when terrorists attempted to infiltrate Israel using a tunnel which lead from the Gaza Strip to Kibbutz Nahal Oz, the military has cleared for publication.

“The soldiers thwarted the attempt by identifying the squad and neutralizing one of the terrorists,” the IDF says in a statement

The names of four of the soldiers who were killed in the attack are as follows:

Sgt Daniel Kedmi, 18, from Tsofim.

Sgt. Barkey Ishai Shor, 21, from Jerusalem.

Sgt Sagi Erez, 19, from Kiryat Ata.

Sgt Dor Dery, 18, from Jerusalem.

The IDF has not yet released the name of the fifth soldier.

This brings the total military fatalities from Monday’s attacks to 10, raising the total IDF death toll to 53.

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