Air Force 1 departs, ending Obama’s visit

While the plane is still taxiing, a commentator on Channel 2 says that Obama is gone and Israelis are now left with the same problems — the Palestinians, Iran.

There is, however, one happy piece of news: Israel’s national soccer team is leading that of Portugal, quite unexpectedly, 3-2 well into the second half. For many in Israel, this game was more important than Obama’s visit.

The TV stations have resumed their usual coverage, and traffic is returning to normal.

Phew, so that was the president of the United States! On a fifty-two-hour visit, as it turned out — an hour or so late taking off.

It’s almost Shabbat here in Jerusalem, as Obama makes the brief flight to Amman. A good moment to close this liveblog. Thanks for sharing this first Obama presidential visit to Israel with us here at the Times of Israel. Shabbat shalom.

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