American officials urge hostages’ release at thousands-strong rally

Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is addressing a crowd of thousands in a pre-recorded video at an international rally in Hostages Square for the release of the Hamas captives.

“They are our fellow men and women and yes, children, and they should be freed immediately,” says the former diplomat. “Actions should be taken immediately to bring them home.”

Jack Lew, the US ambassador to Israel, speaks live onstage to the crowd and adds that this is not his first time in Hostages Square, having spoken onstage to mark 100 days since October 7 on January 13.

“Today marks 225 days since innocents were ripped from their loved ones — children from their parents, parents from their children,” he says.

“To the family members of those held hostage, we hear you, we stand with you, we will not stop working until you are reunited with your loved ones … The United States continues to press ahead with negotiations to bring the hostages home,” Lew continues.

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