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Maayan Mor, 30: Loving aunt who ‘spread positive energy’

Murdered by Hamas terrorists at the Supernova music festival on Oct. 7

Maayan Mor (Courtesy)
Maayan Mor (Courtesy)

Maayan Mor, 30, from Holon, was murdered by Hamas terrorists while trying to escape the Supernova music festival on October 7.

At 6:30 a.m. on the morning of the massacre, Mor phoned her mother, who told Israeli news outlets, “She screamed hysterically, ‘Mom, there are bullets everywhere,’ and then texted her friend saying, ‘Help me, help me.'”

She stayed on the phone for a little while as Mor drove away from Kibbutz Re’im toward Kissufim on Route 232. Eventually, the call disconnected.

Mor was considered missing for one week before her body was found on October 14 and buried the following day in the South Holon Cemetery.

She is survived by her parents, Racheli and Yair, as well as her sister Meital.

Mor worked in car appraisal and studied criminology at Beit Berl College. According to a memorial post on Instagram, she dreamed of one day starting a family and having children.

"כמה זה כואב, הלוואי שמישהו יתקן לי את הלב, נראה לי שהוא לא עובד הוא מקולקל או מקולל , בלילה געגוע מתגנב עד למיטה שלי…

Posted by Meital Mor on Monday, November 13, 2023

Her mother, Racheli, wrote on social media: “The connection and love between a mother and daughter cannot be [replaced] and is the most terrible and difficult [to lose]. It is impossible that you are not here; it is impossible that you were murdered like this, my beautiful flower.”

“You managed to leave a picture of every moment in your life,” her mother added, referring to the myriad selfies Mor took daily and posted to social media.

Her sister, Meital, wrote on Facebook that Mor was a doting, loving aunt to her nephews Liam and Rom.

“I can’t describe how much they miss you,” Meital said. “How many questions are left for them—questions even the ‘adults’ don’t have answers to.”

Mor also had a penchant for the dramatic, according to her cousin, Sapir Carmeli.

נמאס לי לראות התראות ללייקים ותגובות על המודעה.נשבעתי לך שאחגוג את 30 השנים שחיית, ולא אנציח את השעות הרעות של הסוף.ככה. בדיוק ככה לזכור אותך. צוחקת ויפה ♥️

Posted by Sapir Carmeli on Sunday, October 15, 2023

“Like your whole life, the ending was over the top. Who are we if not the drama, right Maayan? A simple death of old age was not enough.”

She said Mor had a “captivating smile and crazy laughter” and was very perceptive and attuned to others’ emotions.

Friends remember Mor as a free spirit who knew how to have fun and a good laugh. She was a regular at Kibbutz Rishon, a bar on the beach in Rishon Lezion, and made an overwhelmingly positive impression on the staff.

“Everyone who saw her coming [would] smile because they know they are about to be happier,” the bar’s Instagram account wrote in a post memorializing Mor.

“Maayan made sure to enjoy every moment and all the good the world had to offer,” the post added. “She spread smiles and positive energy everywhere she went.”

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