Netanyahu: We are in a war to ensure our existence; Hamas atrocities are like those of ISIS

Lazar Berman is The Times of Israel's diplomatic reporter

Addressing the nation in a televised speech, his first public appearance since Saturday night, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says Israel is in a war to ensure its existence, and that the atrocities that Hamas has carried out have not been seen since the days of ISIS (Islamic State).

“We are on the third day of the operation,” he begins. “We are in an operation for our home, a war to ensure our existence, a war that we will win,” he says.

“This war was imposed upon us by a despicable enemy — by savages who celebrate the murder of women, children, and the elderly.”

“The atrocities carried out by Hamas have not been seen since the atrocities of ISIS. Children bound and executed with the rest of their families, young girls and boys shot in the back, executed, and other atrocities that I will not describe here.”

“We have always known what Hamas is. Now the whole world knows. Hamas is ISIS.”

“And we will defeat [Hamas] precisely as the enlightened world defeated ISIS.”

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