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Limor Vaknin Permuter, 49: Mom of 3 whose ‘true love was to dance’

Murdered by Hamas terrorists while fleeing the Supernova music festival

Limor Vaknin Permuter (Courtesy)
Limor Vaknin Permuter (Courtesy)

Limor Vaknin Permuter, 49, from Beersheba, was murdered by Hamas terrorists while fleeing the Supernova music festival on October 7.

Alina Master, who attended the rave and was wounded but survived, described to the Kan media outlet getting in a car with Limor to flee the festival amid rocket fire, and stopping on the side of the road to seek cover in a bomb shelter.

Seconds after they entered the shelter, a rocket hit the car, “and we thought, ‘Wow, ok, we survived, what a miracle,'” recounted Master. They were sheltering alongside Sefi Genis and Gal Navon, who were also both killed along with Limor when terrorists fired inside the structure. Alina said that Limor embraced her as the terrorists fired, undoubtedly saving her life.

Limor texted her brother from inside the shelter: “I’m so scared, tell everyone that I loved them. Everyone is dying here… I’m bleeding to death.”

Eight days later, her body was found, and she was buried on October 15 in Beersheba.

She is survived by her husband, Herbert, three children, Ori, Ofek and Ariel, as well as her parents and siblings. An accountant by trade, Limor was remembered as a devoted friend who loved to dance the night away.

“She was always looking to dance,” her sister, Adi Atias, told Kan. “In recent years she connected very much to women’s circles, retreats, parties… She was looking to live.”

Her friend Limor Zano Klein wrote on Facebook that they had been friends in high school and reconnected seven years ago while getting their master’s degrees.

“You went out to dance like you loved and you just never came home,” wrote Zano Klein. “Thank you for the privilege of walking alongside you on your journey. Thank you for all the moments of enjoyment and fun that we experienced together, at raves, on the beach, during our deep conversations and intense experiences we had together… You are always in my heart.”

Her friend and coworker Simona Gosalker wrote, “I will remember your smile forever, you brought so much light into the office, so much energy. My heart is broken and refuses to believe… your true love was to dance to the beats of music and that is what you did until your last moment.”

Her friend Diti Alon described her as “so much life inside one woman — so much smiling and dancing and flying — how can I even describe that Limor the powerful is no longer. After all, she is a genius in everything. She would scoff that I was falling into cliches. Perhaps she still is.”

Marking 100 days since she was killed, her sister Adi wrote on Facebook about: “100 days that you’re not here, 100 days of endless longing, 100 days of living with a broken heart, 100 days of loving you, from afar, too far,” she wrote.

“My sister, my love, my soul, I love you. I will always be here for you like you are here for me,” she wrote.

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