Ireland condemns Hamas attack, stresses need for ‘moderate voices’

Irish deputy premier and foreign affairs minister Micheal Martin condemns the attack by Hamas on Israeli citizens, and says it is “vital that the voice of moderation comes to the fore.”

Martin says he could “see tensions rising” during a recent trip to the region, and that the scale of today’s attack is “quite shocking.”

“We believe a two-state solution remains the only sensible and rational solution to this issue and it needs political momentum behind it,” he says.

“My sense is that the hardliners are growing in influence, and that’s why I believe the need to have moderate voices in the center is key,” he says.

“So what we need really is a political peace process to get on track in a serious way. That will mean I think, international intervention as well to facilitate that, but it’s a very, very complex and difficult situation and there will be many consequences to today’s attack.”

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