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Meir and Liz Elharar, 58 & 45: Couple slain protecting their 7-year-old

Murdered by Hamas terrorists in their home in Kibbutz Holit on October 7

Meir and Liz Elharar (Courtesy)
Meir and Liz Elharar (Courtesy)

Meir Elharar, 58, and his wife Liz Halfon Elharar, 45, were murdered by Hamas terrorists in their home in Kibbutz Holit on October 7.

The couple were both shot dead when terrorists burst into their home. Their 7-year-old daughter, Adi, was found hiding in a closet and was rescued hours later.

According to her sister, Liz managed while fatally wounded to get Adi into the closet and to call for help. When a neighbor arrived to rescue Adi, they had to move Liz’s body away from the closet to open the doors, as she had bled to death on the floor in front of it.

Meir was buried on October 15 in Beersheba. Liz was buried on October 16 in Kiryat Gat.

Meir is also survived by a son from his first marriage, Doron, his mother Chana, brother Meir and sister Sima. Another brother, Sgt. Doron Elharar, was killed during his army service in 1990 when he was 22.

Liz is survived by her parents Yaffa and Daniel, her sisters Lital, Orly and Karin and her brother Miro.

Her sister Lital told the Daily Mail that Liz “was a devoted mother. She cared for everyone before herself… I will fulfill Liz’s dream that her daughter Adi will grow up to be happy and live a full life.”

Liz’s sister Karin wrote on social media that she was “such a pure person, you always thought of others and not yourself, you always took care of everyone and not yourself. People called you a ‘ray of sunshine,'” she wrote.

“I love you so much, we all love you, there is nobody who didn’t love you. We will take care of your wonderful daughter… who is a hero — it’s all thanks to you Lizi, it’s all due to you. You were an incredible mother to your daughter and you raised her wonderfully.”

Meir’s mother, Chana wrote on Facebook that “my son, the love of my heart and soul, was murdered along with his wife. They left two orphans, siblings whose hearts are broken, aunts and uncles and friends who are mourning. This day pierced my heart — the day I became a mother who lost two of her sons — Doron, who fell 34 years ago as a soldier in Sayeret Matkal, and Meir, who was murdered in Kibbutz Holit.”

Meir’s cousin, also named Meir, eulogized the couple on Facebook a day after they were killed.

“My beloved Meir, you were like a big brother to me on more than one occasion and restrained me more than once as a child when you watched over me during my childhood in a way that always managed to annoy me,” he wrote, noting that the couple’s house became a second home when he was studying in the south, and “we shared the good and the not so good, we gathered happy moments and we always loved unconditionally.”

“Every conversation with you Lizi and Meir was long and we never wanted it to end out of longing — just now we promised ourselves we would meet up a little more often,” he continued. “My beloved Lizi, I want you to know that Adi did exactly what you asked of her and acted exactly the way you taught her and she was saved because of you.”

“Meir and Lizi, your love for the country and for its songs will not be understood by outsiders. Thank you for being with us, it is so sad that you left way too soon. We will remember you and what you brought to our world forever.”

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