Likud activists protest ‘Mandelgate’ outside Jerusalem District Court

With an hour until the opening of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s corruption hearing, some two hundred Likud activists have crowded near the entrance of the Jerusalem District Court to demonstrate support for their party leader.

Several dozen of the protesters are wearing white shirts with the word “Mandelgate,” in reference to what they have deemed as Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit’s scandalous conduct in the Harpaz Affair.

Police stand by as the hundreds of flag-waving pro-Netanyahu protesters pack up closely against one another in violation of social distance guidelines. (Jacob Magid/Times of Israel)

The pro-Netanyahu protesters chant slogans against what they deem the injustice of the trial against Netanyahu.“This is a trial against our entire camp,” says Shir Nachmani, parroting a line used by Likud lawmakers in recent weeks.

They boo as one of the activists leading the protest shouts into a megaphone the names of some of the prominent reporters covering the trial, who they have deemed hostile to the prime minister.

— Jacob Magid

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