PMO statement rejects ‘fake news’ over Netanyahu’s flu

The Prime Minister’s Office “outright rejects” what it calls “fake news” regarding Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s health, insisting that he has “contracted a seasonal flu.”

The statement adds that a large number of PMO employees also contracted the flu.

Posts circulating on social media in recent days suggested unfounded speculations, including that the prime minister was trying to dodge a discussion on security plans for the Temple Mount over Ramadan, and that he took the day off to celebrate his wedding anniversary with his wife Sara.

There were also questions as to who was in charge while the premier was unwell.

“Prime Minister Netanyahu continues to make decisions, hold consultations, lead the war, and manage all the affairs of the state,” the statement says.

Earlier today, an Israeli official told The Times of Israel that Netanyahu had canceled his entire schedule and was home sick with the flu.

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