Police raid Jerusalem Red Crescent offices

Police confirm that they have raided an office of the Red Crescent emergency medical service in East Jerusalem.

Spokeswoman Luba Samri says they cannot reveal what their intentions are at this point.

According to social media accounts, the raid took place at a Red Crescent office in Silwan.

It is not clear if any arrests were made.


Israel officials have alleged that Red Crescent medics broke humanitarian norms by refusing to help victims of a terror attack in the southern West Bank on Friday.

Palestinian Red Crescent workers (illustrative photo: Nati Shohat /Flash90)
Palestinian Red Crescent workers (illustrative photo: Nati Shohat /Flash90)

A woman who was in a car in which her husband and son were shot to death said Red Crescent medics arrived at the scene first but left after seeing that the victims were Israelis.

A Red Crescent spokesperson responded that the group was prepared to help, but a Magen David Adom ambulance arrived before they could.

On Sunday, Netanyahu ordered UN envoy Danny Danon to file a complaint with the International Society of the Red Cross over the incident.


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