US set to approve $1.9 billion arms package for Isael

The US is reviewing a possible arms sale to Israel, estimated to cost some $1.9 billion.

The details were sent in for congressional review on Tuesday, and has been approved by the Pentagon.

The full list of weapons, which includes 750 bunker buster bombs and 3,000 Hellfire missiles, is as follows:

“The Government of Israel has requested a possible sale of 14,500 KMU-556C/B Joint Direct Attack Munitions (JDAM) tail kits consisting of 10,000 for Mk-84; 500 for Mk-83; and,4,000 for Mk-82; 3,500 Mk-82 bombs; 4,500 Mk-83 bombs; 50 BLU-113 bombs; 4,100 GBU-39 Small Diameter bombs; 1,500 Mk-83 Paveway kits; 700 BLU-109 Paveway kits; 3,000 AGM-114K/R Hellfire Missiles, 250 AIM-120C Advanced Medium Range Air-to-Air Missiles; and 500 DSU-38A/B Detector Laser Illuminated Target kits for JDAMs. The total estimated cost $1.879 billion.”

“The United States is committed to the security of Israel, and it is vital to US national interests to assist Israel to develop and maintain a strong and ready self-defense capability. This proposed sale is consistent with those objectives,” a statement from the Petagon’s Defense Security Cooperation Agency says.

It notes that Israel “already has these munitions in its inventory” and “will have no difficulty absorbing the additional munitions into its armed forces.”

“The proposed sale of these munitions will not alter the basic military balance in the region,” it says.

Illustrative photo of Hellfire missiles (photo credit: CC BY-Wikipedia)
Illustrative photo of Hellfire missiles (photo credit: CC BY-Wikipedia)

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