Noted Israeli violinist posts string ode to Radiohead
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Noted Israeli violinist posts string ode to Radiohead

Michael Greilsammer plays ‘No Surprises’ in honor of the band performing Wednesday night in Tel Aviv

Jessica Steinberg covers the Sabra scene from south to north and back to the center.

No Surprises (Radiohead) Violin Cover

סוגר מעגל עם השיר, האלבום והלהקה ששינתה אותי בגיל 16. No Surprises של Radiohead.

פורסם על ידי ‏מיכאל גריילסאמר - Michael Greilsammer‏ ב- יום שבת, 15 ביולי 2017

The chatter about Radiohead and their upcoming Wednesday night, July 19 performance in Tel Aviv’s Yarkon Park has been mostly political, with the exception of their devoted Israeli fans, who are just excited about seeing them

Among the fans is Jerusalem violinist Michael Greilsammer for whom the groundbreaking UK rock band has always represented a musical turning point.

The fiddler wanted to show his appreciation for the band that changed his own tunes, and filmed himself playing “No Surprises,” one of his favorite Radiohead songs, from the band’s 1997 “OK Computer” album.

“I’m closing a circle with this song, album and band that changed my life,” said Greilsammer.

Greilsammer was a teenager when he turned away from the classical music that had formed a core of his training and studies, and toward the contemporary, rock and folk tunes that now form the basis of his more recent compositions and performances.

“Radiohead didn’t just change me, it changed the way a lot of people thought about music,” he said.

The cover of Greilsammer's latest song, 'Full-Time Dad', illustrated by Elad Mualem (Courtesy Michael Greilsammer)
The cover of Greilsammer’s latest song, ‘Full-Time Dad’, illustrated by Elad Mualem (Courtesy Michael Greilsammer)

It’s been a busy summer for the musician, who spent the first few days of July filming a cameo in Avi Nesher’s latest film, with the working title of “The Pilgrim.”

He had noticed a posting on Facebook looking for a violinist for the director’s latest film, and was put in touch with Nesher.

There wasn’t much of an audition, said Greilsammer, who makes it clear he possesses no acting chops whatsoever.

“We met once, and I know he loves my music,” he laughed.

Getting instructions from great #moviedirector Avi Nesher for his new #film. In #jaffa #israel #violinist

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Greilsammer spent three days filming, one in the ultra-Orthodox neighborhood of Beit Yaakov, situated behind the Mahane Yehuda market, and two in Jaffa.

He also didn’t have to learn any lines.

“I speak a little in some behind-the-scenes situations,” he said. “It was fun.”

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