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3 Best Sites To Buy Instagram Likes In 2023 (Real & Instant)

Promoted Content: 3 Best Sites To Buy Instagram Likes In 2023 (Real & Instant)

We need ‘likes’ to make us feel validated, special, and confident about our work. But during the first few months of opening an Instagram account, it’s tough to get likes even if you post high-quality content.

Data points out that plenty of people lose their motivation in this stage and simply give up. But there’s a way to jump the queue by buying Instagram likes.

We’ve used this strategy for real businesses and successfully boosted the social media presence of many Instagram handles. Learn how to and where to buy Instagram likes from here in this article.

Top Sites To Buy Instagram Likes: 2023 Updates

Buying Instagram likes can be tricky as many of these websites use bots. To get real engagement, you need to work with renowned websites.

Here, I present 3 reputable websites that you can trust −

#1.Social Zinger

Reliable service and reasonable prices are a great combination, and Social Zinger delivers this combination for us. They have been performing consistently in this industry for a long time and can be trusted with your money, as they offer likes only from real and active Instagram users.

My Experience
Recently I have used the service for a client who is a dentist in London. He makes short educational videos about oral health and posts them in the form of Instagram reels.

Despite making quality videos, for some reason, the videos weren’t working well and failing to get enough engagements. So, I bought the 1000 Instagram likes package for all his posts.

The last I checked the analytics of his Instagram account; the engagements have gone up and it gives an impression that his videos are well-liked.

It’s important for his business that his potential customers see him as a popular dentist, as it keeps him ahead of his competition.

You can buy 50 Instagram likes only for 1.99 USD, and the 1000 Instagram likes package that I bought is going for 19.99 USD. The biggest package is for 10,000 likes, which is sold for 99.99 USD. There are also packages for 100, 500, 2500 and 5000 Instagram likes.

Customer Service
The customer support is commendable. However, there’s an informative message on the site stating that you can explore targeted Instagram likes options by contacting customer support.

Upon reaching out to them, they clarified that they currently don’t provide targeted likes. Moreover, when I shared my feedback about this with the support team, they expressed gratitude for the input and assured me that they would bring this matter to the attention of the admin team for further consideration.


  • The best price on the market
  • The likes are delivered instantly
  • No risk of getting in trouble with the Instagram algorithm
  • Accepts all major credit cards for payment
  • No package for likes from a specific demographic

#2.Media Mister

They have something for each and everybody, as you can customize the Instagram likes package to find exactly what you need.

You can buy Instagram likes from different demographics for different types of Instagram posts and can even automate the process for every month.

My Experience
Instagram likes from specific countries are very expensive, but it has their use. For example, I wanted to buy Instagram likes for an SEO agency in Manchester.

If I bought IG likes from all over the world, the Instagram algorithm would show the page to people from different countries. But that wouldn’t serve the purpose of the business as we want to show the page to the UK people only.

So, when we buy Instagram likes from the UK only, it indicates to the algorithm that UK people like it. Plus, it shows the posts to the UK public only.

I have been buying Instagram likes for the SEO agency for more than 8 months, and it has been a good investment for us. The business is growing, so we’re happily willing to pay the price for this consistent boost in Instagram engagement

The pricing varies depending on country, type of post, number of posts, number of  likes you are buying for your Instagram account, and automatic/one-time.

Instagram likes from Media Mister are very affordable and are in a similar range to Social Zinger. But buying likes for Instagram from specific countries are extremely expensive, as I had to pay 88 USD for every 100 likes from the UK.

Customer Service
Best and by far the fastest. All I had to do was give my email and name, and an agent called Johny Walker joined the chat within seconds. He was really helpful and answered my queries regarding their Instagram services in detail.


  • Multiple options for all your needs
  • Can get targeted Instagram likes from many regions in the world
  • Customer service is lightning-quick and helpful
  • Allows auto-renewal
  • Uses drip feed system for likes
  • Targeted likes are extremely expensive

#3.Get a Follower

This platform is used for social media marketing by brands that have businesses all over the world and local businesses that want to attract customers from a specific area.

It can help you get higher likes on your Instagram account from specific countries or continents as per your business’s needs.

My Experience
Since I had already bought Instagram followers for a local restaurant in London from this site, I bought the Instagram likes from them as well.

The restaurant was making some amazing reels of their food items. So, I bought the package for Instagram reels for the UK audience.

Since it was going to be a regular affair, I got the automatic option, meaning it would renew automatically each month.

I liked the customization options, as I could choose the number of posts, decide on the time delay, and where the audience comes from.

The campaign has been working great and till now, I haven’t faced any issues with the Instagram algorithm either. So, one thing is sure: it’s safe to use.

The Pricing strategy of this platform is pretty much the same as the Media Mister. Here, you can also get cheap worldwide packages and expensive targeted Instagram likes from specific countries.


  • Easy to customize the package according to your needs
  • Doesn’t trigger the Instagram algorithm
  • Has an affordable worldwide package
  • Convenient auto-renewal is available
  • Offers drip feed feature
  • Doesn’t accept payment from PayPal

How To Find Out A Reliable Site To Buy Instagram Likes?

I use a certain process to find the best sites to buy Instagram likes to grow their social media accounts. From my experience, here are some tips for you to follow:

Do Research and Read Reviews
Doing research is very important before choosing a site to buy Instagram likes. Just in case the provider isn’t reliable or is involved in dodgy stuff like using bots, then your Instagram page can get in trouble.

Basically, you’ll be spending your digital marketing budget on ruining your own brand.

So, take as much time as you need until you’re 100% sure about the site from where you are investing your money for buying Instagram likes.

To find out about the provider, you can check their site. Not all info might be 100% true, as owners often make up or exaggerate stuff. However, the website can often be an indicator of the quality of service they provide.

Also, read reviews on user forums about their service. If you can’t find much data, you can post queries on user-generated forums like Reddit about the service provider.

This has helped me a lot to avoid buying low-quality Instagram likes as people often come forward to share their honest experiences.

Look for Transparent Pricing and Policies

The company should be 100% transparent about the pricing and tell you exactly what you’ll be getting for your money. There should be no hidden charges or surprise charges at the checkout.

Customer Support Availability

Dedicated 24/7 customer support is important for any service provider. Because problems can arise at any time, and you may need help immediately.

At that moment, if there’s nobody to help you with the issue, you can get into trouble. To avoid such scenarios, you should always opt for a service provider that offers immediate customer support.

Verify Refund and Money-Back Policies

This is a must-feature for me. I can’t trust a site that doesn’t have a solid refund policy. If they don’t have confidence in their own service, how can I trust them with my own money?

So, before you make the payment, make sure the platform has a refund policy. And it should be 100%, not a partial refund.

Assess the Website’s Security Features

If you’re a brand with significant popularity, you need to be careful about the site’s security.

Because if the site’s security gets breached and it gets leaked than you bought Instagram likes or followers, it can be catastrophic for your brand’s reputation.

Take help from a cyber security expert if needed to find a secure service provider, or you can ask the support team what kind of security measures they have in place to prevent data leaks.

Can I Buy Real Instagram Likes?

Yes, you can buy real Instagram likes to promote your page.  There are many websites that sell Instagram likes from real users with real activity. But there’s a catch here.

Those accounts have been made to sell likes, but their activities are done in a way that makes them seem natural.

How to Buy Real Instagram Likes Effectively

All 3 of our recommended providers sell real likes from real Instagram users. Buy from any of them, and you should be all right.

If you’re not happy with them, then you need to find a service provider that meets your budget and requirements. And if you have any queries, ask the support team about them. Once you’re satisfied, continue to buy Instagram likes.

Pros and Cons of Buying Instagram Likes

First, we’ll go through the advantages you can get:

Gives You Credibility
Perception matters, as most people tend to go with the majority. When people will see your Instagram posts getting thousands of likes, it will make your content more appealing to them.

As long as your content is of high quality, it will only boost your profile.

However, if your content fails to live up to their expectations, then some people may get suspicious and question if those engagements on your Instagram page are really genuine.

More Visibility
Having more likes and other engagements helps in Instagram growth algorithm as it thinks people are liking your content. As a result, it shows your posts to more people, giving you access to a wider audience.

Quick Growth
No matter how good you are, organic Instagram growth can take ages. And you or your business might not have the time to let it grow organically.

The purchase of IG likes comes as a savior in these situations as it can give your account the important initial push it requires to reach the intended audience.

Also, having hundreds of likes on your Instagram posts will make the audience take your posts seriously.

With benefits comes some risks as well. Here are the drawbacks for you −

Risk of Getting Shadow Banned

If your activities and engagement metrics seem suspicious to the IG algorithm, then it can shadow ban your account, reducing your exposure drastically.

Getting your exposure reduced will make it virtually impossible to do anything meaningful marketing-wise with the account. In this situation, the only viable solution is opening a new account and starting everything from scratch.

Brands/Influencers May Not Want to Partner with You
It’s possible to check if the Instagram engagements are real. So, most brands and influencers might refuse to work with you if your engagement is proven fake.

FAQs About Buying Instagram Likes

Q1. Is Buying Instagram Likes Legal?
It’s legal by law. You won’t face any trouble with the law officers, but you can get shadow-banned by Instagram if they can catch you.

Buying Instagram likes and Instagram followers is against the community guidelines of IG, and if the service provider triggers the algorithum, your account is in big trouble.

Q2. Can You Get Banned for Buying Instagram Likes?
No, you’re not going to get banned. More than a million people are involved in this practice and I have never heard of a ban for buying Instagram likes.

But if Instagram also thinks you’re manipulating your engagements, they will reduce your exposure to your audience, which is pretty much like killing your account essentially.

In addition, they will remove the likes from your posts and may even ask you to change your user password.

Q3. Is It Possible to Buy Real Instagram Likes at Cheap Prices?
Yes, I think the worldwide package for real Instagram likes is very cheap. You can buy 100 likes for 3 USD on average from any platform. Small accounts can take advantage of this and give their social media presence a small boost.

What’s The Best Site To Buy Instagram Likes According To Our Tests?

We’ve done multiple tests with our recommendations and all 3 have done exceptionally well.

Considering the affordable prices and instant delivery, I’d choose Social Zinger as the best site to buy Instagram likes from.

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Key Takeaways About The Top Sites To Buy Instagran Likes

The increase in Instagram services that sell Instagram likes and followers tells us that more and more brands are using the marketing strategy to increase their social media presence.

If you do this right, your IG account can also hugely benefit from this service and give your account the necessary exposure to survive the fierce competition on the platform.

But it’s very important to find the right partner and do it in a safe way to avoid a shadow ban by Instagram.

Now, Social Zinger is best for buying cheap but real Instagram likes, while I’d suggest Get A Follower and Media Mister for buying targeted Instagram likes from a specific country or region.


It is possible that purchasing Instagram likes goes against Meta’s Terms of Service. We recommend reviewing the ToS before any purchase that may result in the loss or ban of your account

This article is sponsored content. No endorsement by The Times of Israel of advertiser products or services, real or implied, is intended. The Times of Israel editorial team did not contribute to this article.