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Hebrew lesson of the week: Come and celebrate Pesach!

Chag Pesach Sameach! Happy Passover!

Happy Passover from eTeacher!
Happy Passover from eTeacher!

Passover is perhaps the most famous of Jewish holidays, commemorating the Exodus from Egypt, liberation from slavery, and the beginning of the famous journey the Children of Israel took to the Promised Land.

Passover is a seven-day holiday (eight in countries outside of Israel) which begins this year in the evening of Monday, March 25th. Jews around the world will gather together with family and friends to host a seder, a celebratory meal in which the story of the Exodus is retold through the recitation of the Haggadah (lit, “telling”), the special ceremonial book for the seder.

How do we celebrate Passover?

Passover is celebrated by hosting the seder on the first night of the holiday. Outside of Israel, the seder is held on both the first and second nights of the holiday, commemorating a time in which people outside of Israel could not be sure of the exact time in Jerusalem, so to be safe, they celebrated it twice!

Passover is observed over the course of a week. The first and last days of the holiday are considered holy days. The days in between, known as Chol HaMoed (“Weekdays of the Festival”)”, are ordinary work days.

Passover reminds us all of the sweetness of freedom after having tasted the bitterness of slavery; it celebrates spring and rebirth, and reminds us to always question our freedom in order to savor it.

It’s a wonderful holiday filled with joy and celebration. Learn more about this holiday’s customs by watching our special “How to celebrate Passover” video!

As always, we invite you to come join our Hebrew courses, to get a full picture of everything wonderful Israel has to offer!

Chag Pesach Sameach! Happy Passover!

Looking forward to seeing you in class,

The eTeacherHebrew Team

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