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How drop-shipping can open doors to new possibilities as per Bailey Knight

Bailey who started his dropshipping business during the lockdown in 2020 worked his days off to become successful and own the things that he always wanted to own.

Courtesy of Baily Knight
Courtesy of Baily Knight

When we say that we like working for ourselves, we are also saying that we like working. Most people who dislike work are probably in the wrong job or working alongside the wrong peers. So the problem is not often our distaste for work… that might just be an incorrect diagnosis. The real problem is what we do, where we do it, and who we do it with. Ask 26-year-old millionaire Bailey Knight from the UK and he’ll tell you that thanks to being a dropshipping entrepreneur he has learned he never had an aversion to hard work but towards being stuck in the wrong job and with people who probably felt the same and became uninspiring and burdensome because of it. In this article, Bailey shares with us his direct, indirect, and allied experiences as a dropshipper and why he believes this medium of business has a great potential to open all kinds of new doors.

Bailey who started his dropshipping business during the lockdown in 2020 worked his days off to become successful and own the things that he always wanted to own. For him, dropshipping pretty much defies all rules of traditional business. It’s the new middleman of the era. The middleman who would traditionally do all the running, all the searching, and customer-luring can now sit cozily in the comfort of his or her house and get results. Bailey says, “it’s one of those entrepreneurial jobs that thrive on how good and efficient you are at managing, organizing, and generally being on top of your job. It requires you to be self-driven and self-motivated. It also requires you to learn the tricks and tips of social marketing. That’s the most technical that you need to get in this business. When I started out, I knew nothing about dropshipping. I had to learn the ropes, match step with my mentor Jay and make sacrifices. But all of these sacrifices were but steps towards getting me where I have come.” Dropshipping was unchartered territory, and I had to work from the ground up. Instead of making excuses, I decided to give it my all. Today, the results speak for themselves.

When Bailey started learning the dropshipping ropes, he was managing it with his regular day job. His sanity hung in a precarious balance. But something kept him going. Something that tethered him to his dream of working for himself. He says, “The beginning is never easy. But it’s the first step. You need to understand that you are in a transitioning phase. Everyone, I repeat everyone goes through a sluggish, fearful, confused, and heavy-hearted phase when they are starting out. It’s like a natural law and it did not spare some of the best entrepreneurs of the world. So you won’t be spared from what I call ‘the starter’s anxiety’ either. You just have to accept it and walk through the fire anyway. But the good news is that once you ace the A-Z of this business, you’ll have a lot of time on your hands for new things. And you can then make up for all the time you spent sweating, bleeding, and working to make your dream come true.”

Bailey who made his first million during the lockdown thinks of dropshipping as the kind of business that’s not limited by time and space like traditional businesses are. He opened his first e-commerce business on Shopify and has gone onto earn a seven-figure remuneration by making the most of this portal, especially during the lockdown. This is in direct contrast with the fate that most offline businesses had to, unfortunately, succumb to. So the question is, what made Bailey hit the jackpot just when other businesses seemed to be heading home. In his own words, “I think my success skyrocketed not during the lockdown but because of it. We all know how the pandemic pulled the shutters on the local markets. And we also know that people still needed things to get on from day-to-day. This is where the e-commerce boom was set to spark. But again, if you really see not all e-commerce businesses thrived during the lockdown either. Many suffered the fate of their traditional counterparts if not worse. Now, why did that happen? The answer is simple. It boils down to your understanding of the various strategies of the e-commerce realm. If you continue to treat it as an offline business, that is with the same philosophy and understanding, you’ll limit your growth. The trick is to understand the strategies, unearth their utility and if possible, find a mentor. Jay Parry, my work mentor was the best thing that happened to my business. I didn’t make many mistakes that without a mentor I possibly would have.”

More time means more time for new interests. Our parents did not see time as a concept. They took it so much for granted that they didn’t really see it at all and only noticed it with a change of seasons. Our generation, thanks to the explosion of knowledge, has become more seasoned, so to speak, about time. And wants to use it well. Bailey says, “The dropshipping business, once it is properly regulated and regularized can yield a great many benefits especially the benefit of more time on one’s hands. This opens up new possibilities like reviving old hobbies, interests that you could not pursue, and even reviewing and re-evaluating your relationships. For me, I have been able to devour books that earlier I could only dream of reading when I would be over the hill. This revival of sorts plays into your business too as you learn more ways to make yourself and your business better.”

Dropshipping seems to be a dream entrepreneurial job for every entrepreneur. Surely, it has its challenges and obstacles but as long as one believes in expanding one’s vision, develops a love for hard work and organization, Bailey believes this new form of business can redefine success and what it takes.

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