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How to thrive in the post-pandemic world: Brian Carruthers & Alex Richard explain

How to thrive in the post-pandemic world: Brian Carruthers & Alex Richard explain

Courtesy of Alex and Brian
Courtesy of Alex and Brian

At the start of the pandemic, most people believed it was a temporary disruption to their daily lives. Now, more than a year later, the global pandemic has turned the world on its head, leaving many to figure out how to navigate and thrive in the post-pandemic world. One of the biggest adjustments people have had to make is social distancing which has led remote working to replace traditional office setups. According to Brian Carruthers and Alex Richard, the post-pandemic world will take some getting used to, and here, they share their insights on how to tackle it efficiently.

Brian Carruthers is a real estate agent and home-based entrepreneur. He also doubles as an author and success coach. Carruthers says that entrepreneurship is a complex world to navigate, and with the pandemic, the challenges have been amplified. However, he points out that within those challenges lie growth opportunities. Carruthers’ passion for teaching entrepreneurship has seen him immerse himself in the possibilities that are likely to take place post-pandemic.

Alex Richard is an entrepreneur who dropped out of pre-med to pursue an online business. Richard has since worked in the digital space and even educated people on the ins and outs of creating and running an online venture. Social media has been at the core of his focus. As Alex Richard continues to grow his business, he helps people realize the value of social media in the recovery of world economies.

Together, Brian Carruthers and Alex Richard opine that a lot of changes will punctuate the post-pandemic world. While they both agree that change is often difficult to cope with, they also state that these changes will be significant for long-term growth strategies. Carruthers says that to thrive in the post-pandemic world, you need to fight the temptation to resist these changes. Richard echoes this thought and adds that you will also need to be flexible and adaptable. Only those who quickly adapt to these changes will thrive.
From what we can see of the future so far, automation is taking center stage. This makes it crucial for people to upskill and prepare for a changing work landscape. Brian Carruthers and Alex Richard urge people to upgrade their skills and prepare for digitally-driven industries. Moreover, hybrid work environments are also taking shape today, and Richard says that remote working is here to stay. To add to this, Carruthers urges organizations to restructure their work environments and cultures to ease the incorporation of remote or hybrid work models.

Based on their experience, Carruthers and Richard explain that organizations that have been playing catch-up during the pandemic need to step up; else, they will be left so far behind that they’ll hardly survive. The future is digital, and any organization that is holding on to the belief of the world going back to the pre-pandemic normal should re-evaluate its stand.

Looking at their experience in entrepreneurship and scaling businesses, Alex Richard and Brian Carruthers’ advice is worth taking into account as you prepare for the post-pandemic world.

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