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Rody Skarisevski, 57: Argentinian-Israeli who was a true ‘patriot’

Murdered by Hamas terrorists in southern Israel on October 7

Rody Skariszewski (Facebook)
Rody Skariszewski (Facebook)

Rodolfo “Rody” Skarisevski, 57, a native of Argentina from the southern town of Ohad, was murdered by Hamas terrorists in southern Israel on October 7.

He is survived by his wife Rinat and their three children, Danielle, Yhonatan and Gili. His funeral was held on October 15 in Moshav Tzohar.

On that Saturday morning, Rody set out to go pick up his youngest daughter from Beersheba after rockets started flying from Gaza and she was afraid to be alone. He was murdered along the way, and his body was discovered by his son, who was called up to IDF reserves duty in the Givati Brigade and was battling Hamas in the south.

“The soldiers tried to stop me, they wouldn’t let me approach him, but I could see that he was no longer alive,” Yhonatan told Channel 12 news. Dashcam footage later recovered from his car shows Rody driving as he listens to radio news updates of a Hamas invasion, just as he is shot dead by terrorists in uniform along the side of the road.

“When the chaos started we got into uniform and came as fast as we can, we managed to reach so many, but for you, it was too fast,” Yhonatan wrote on social media. “I’m sorry Dad.”

His family said he loved to cook and shared one of his favorite recipes — gnocchi with sweet potato cream sauce — in his honor: “He would stand in the kitchen for hours and the smile would never leave his face,” they said.

His daughter Danielle told Ynet that “he would have left the house another dozen times to come get us. He was an Argentinian Zionist and patriot who made aliya as a lone soldier to Israel. He was one of the best people in the world. He was admired, he was a person full of giving and love.”

She told Channel 12 that “he loved this land and now he is buried in the land in which his blood was spilled. Every time I would tell him, ‘But why do only I have to go through a war every summer when my friends in the center [of Israel] are having fun?’ he would tell us: ‘This is the best land in the country.'”

“He was my best friend, he was the perfect, perfect father, a patient husband, accepting, loving,” his wife Rinat told Channel 12 news. “Every minute of the day I feel his loss.”

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