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Jerusalem’s music scene is a must for music lovers

Jerusalem has a unique music scene influenced by different cultures for hundreds of years

People come from all over Israel to study art, music and dance in Jerusalem (photo: Courtesy)
People come from all over Israel to study art, music and dance in Jerusalem (photo: Courtesy)

Israel has a thriving music scene that is particularly unique in Jerusalem. Many young visitors make the mistake of believing that Tel Aviv is the place to visit for experiencing the Israeli nightlife, while Jerusalem is just about its history. They couldn’t be more wrong! While Tel Aviv has its own amazing experience to offer, Jerusalem can’t be skipped if you really want to experience Israeli culture. Great artists and bands such as Yehoram Gaon, Asaf Avidan, Hadag Nachash, and Mercedes Band all started their careers in Jerusalem.

People come from all over the country to study art, music and dance in this city’s great schools. Among the great schools and institutions in Jerusalem is the Jerusalem Music Centre, established in 1973, and the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, which helps young and old talents realize their potential. Artists come from all over the world to perform in this city, and it’s no surprise. Its history is what makes it so unique. So many cultures and religious have influenced Jerusalem over hundreds of years that the end result is an amazing clash of cultures.

Jerusalem has its own music scene to offer, with countless pubs and bars opening at night, offering live shows by both local and national artists. Like any other city, Jerusalem has its own character that can only be experienced and understood by spending a few days and nights wandering this fascinating city. Live, modern performances in places built hundreds of years ago creates and old vs. new feeling that is unique to this city.

While you may hear a number of different languages around you when visiting Jerusalem, Hebrew is the primary language spoken in Israel and Jerusalem is no exception. To have a truly fulfilling experience when visiting Jerusalem, make sure to learn enough Hebrew to work your way around the great markets, restaurants, and music performances in Jerusalem.

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