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Marco Champion’s insights on how to grow your personal brand. Sponsored Content.

He has worked hard to grow his brand, which has translated into his business growth

Courtesy of Marco Champion
Courtesy of Marco Champion

Every entrepreneur and anyone hoping to become one are constantly searching for the best way to grow their brand. No one understands how to do so better than Marco Champion, who has made a name for himself as a CEO of multiple companies as well as a spiritual entrepreneur. He recently shared his advice on how others can grow their brand.

Champion started by explaining why growing your unique brand is so important. “The more people who know, like, and trust me, the more opportunity I have to grow my business.” He has worked hard to grow his brand, which has translated into his business growth. For Champion, part of that individual brand is having a passion for business. As he explains, “Every business I created was fun and innovative, although most failed, I took that passion and continued to create businesses until I created my current business that has reach[ed] new levels of success to me.”

Marco Champion points out that you do not necessarily need a certain education to grow your brand, as long as you have the passion and dedication. Some people had doubts about his abilities initially and considered him a “passionate kid who was way over his head” due to his dropping out of college. As he explains, however, “Although I lacked the resources and the support, I powered through it and learned to become resourceful and connect with the people that helped me build my vision.” One of his methods comes through in Champion’s approach to marketing. He says, “I pay to put value-driven content in front of more people and invest in growing my personal attention. This has converted higher than any ad I’ve ever run.” Champion further encourages people to “work extremely hard, sacrifice sleep, partying, entertainment with personal & business development every day.”

Marco Champion grew up in San Diego, and despite dropping out of college and not having a business background, he has had success growing his brand and serving as the CEO of two companies. He focuses on motivating and helping others. This comes through because his favorite part about working with others, which he describes as “being a part of their success and ultimately, legacy.”

Marco Champion’s advice for growing your brand is based on his success in that area, delivering confidence in his advice. He uses the growth of his brand to focus on businesses that impact the lives of others, but you can use your own in any way you choose.

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