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White Maeng Da Kratom Strains: Effects, Benefits & Dosage

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White Maeng da kratom is a rare strain of the natural herb that has been used for many years as a herbal remedy, and is available in different strains. Some have more alkaloids than others, which means they offer a more potent effect. However, don’t forget that different strains offer different benefits, such as stress relief or improved focus.

Since White Maeng Da Kratom is a useful natural substance, it’s evident that many lifestyle brands have sought to cash in on their benefits. This has resulted in a flood of kratom products and brands. Hence, if you are eyeing a White Maeng Da Kratom product you will find it difficult to select one from all that are available. And this is exactly the question we tackle in this blog.

This blog will bring you the top five Kratom vendors we think that sell the best White Maeng Da Kratom strains. Read on to know more about them.

5 Best White Maeng Da Kratom Sellers

  1. Super Speciosa – Overall Best Brand Of White Maeng Da Kratom
  2. Kratom Spot – Popular Vendor White Maeng Da Kratom Extracts
  3. Klarity Kratom – Premium-quality Kratom Pills & Tablets
  4. Kats Botanicals – Trusted Kratom Vendor For Organic Kratom Products
  5. Kraken Kratom – Best Kratom Seller To Buy Kratom Powder & Strains

#1.Super Speciosa – Overall Best Brand Of White Maeng Da Kratom

Super Speciosa is a kratom brand founded in 2016. It has since made its mark in the kratom industry with its exceptional on-demand products. The company is widely known for its potent, safe, and highly energetic kratom strains. Super Speciosa doesn’t only sell kratom powder; the company has a massive collection of other kratom-based wellness products. These magical products include topicals, capsules, and tea leaves.

Super Speciosa should be one of your preferred options if you want to get rid of pain without relying on potentially dangerous pharmaceuticals. Super Speciosa White Maeng da Kratom is lab-tested, 100% organic, and manufactured according to prevalent industry standards.

Super Speciosa kratom is made in GMP-certified labs and is guaranteed to provide you with effective pain relief without any of the side effects associated with traditional painkillers. Whether you’re suffering from back pain, arthritis, or any other chronic pain; the high-grade kratom products from this brand can help you get back on your feet and live a normal happy life.

Super Speciosa products are pure and additive-free kratom products that are also perfect for anyone looking for a way to boost their mood or treat symptoms of fatigue or diarrhea. With so many different strains, you can be sure to find the perfect one for you. And to make things even better, they offer kratom strains in bulk so that you can get enough to last you for months without having to re-order again and again.

At Super Speciosa, you can readily access the lab tests of their products. The lab tests can also be accessed through QR codes on the product label.

Furthermore, besides the top-of-the-range White Maeng da Kratom powders, you will find other premium-quality kratoms at Super Speciosa. These include Premium Bali, Red Vein, Borneo Red Vein, Green Malay, etc.

What we like the most about Super Speciosa is that the White Maeng Da Kratom is its only strain that is available in three natural forms—tea bags, powder, and capsules. So, you can experience White Maeng Da in any one of your preferred options.

So whether you’re looking for pain relief or a way to boost your mood, Super Speciosa has got you covered. It has everything a user might need. User testimonials have it that some Maeng da Kratom strains from Super Speciosa can also help you treat insomnia.

With 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, enticing rewards, and special offers, there’s never been a better time to try Super Speciosa products. Also, Super Speciosa is a no-nonsense brand. This means you can get a refund on your product if you feel it didn’t give you the promised results.

Likewise, the customer support is pretty robust to answer any of your queries or suggestions. So, what are you waiting for? Order your White Maeng Da Kratom powder from Super Speciosa now.


  • Super Speciosa gives a 30-day money-back guarantee. This means you can get a full refund within 30 days of buying a product.
  • The company also offers same-day shipping. If you want your kratoms urgently, all you need to do is place an order.
  • All the products from Super Speciosa are tested in third-party labs. You can be sure that your products are free from contaminants, pesticides, and heavy metals.
  • This brand is a member of the American Kratom Association (AKA). This certification is given to all top-notch brands.


  • Highly potent kratom.
  • Accepts payments via credit card.
  • Get discounts via Super Speciosa coupons.
  • Same-day shipping.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Many unique strains are offered.


  • It can be expensive.

=> Click here to visit the official website “Super Speciosa” 

#2.Kratom Spot – Popular Vendor White Maeng Da Kratom Extracts

Kratom Spot is a health and wellness company based in Irving, California. This brand offers as many as 30 different strains of kratom, all of which have been third-party lab tested to ensure they are of the highest quality. Besides Kratom strains, the company is famous for selling many other top-shelf wellness capsules, powders, and supplements.

All Kratom Spot products are natural and free from synthetic ingredients. Similarly, all Kratom Spot products are tested for solvents or heavy metals. Thus, if you have any doubt about the safety of the products from Kratom Spot, all you need to do is look up the lab tests of the product you are using.

In addition, the kratom used in Kratom Spot products is grown naturally on the farms of Indonesia and Thailand. No GMOs or pesticides are used while growing Kratom, so its natural properties remain unaltered.

The White Maeng Da Kratom powder from Kratom Spot, in particular, is perfect for those looking for a way to relieve pain, anxiety, headaches, or just an overall feeling of unease. It is also an effective energy booster, making it perfect for those who lead busy, active lifestyles. Made from premium-grade kratom leaf powder, this quality product will surely give you the therapeutic benefits you are looking for.

Just like Super Speciosa, Kratom Spot is also an AKA-certified brand. The lab facilities they use for manufacturing are also cGMP-compliant. 

Besides the White Maeng da Kratom powder, the company also sells White Vein Maeng da Kratom capsules. The White Maeng Da Kratom capsules can be used to defeat sudden mood swings. Moreover, it can also help you with your work by giving you a much-needed energy boost.

Lastly, customer satisfaction is a top priority of this brand, so they have ensured to provide customers with a positive experience every time. Moreover, all the products from the brand are free from metals and gluten, making them safe for those with dietary restrictions. Finally, the unique strains and quick deliveries make Kratom Spot a top choice for those looking for a way to relax or boost their productivity.


  • Kratom Spot is a highly transparent brand that routinely publishes its lab results.
  • The company has a superb customer support team that is more than ready to look after your problems.
  • With a 30-day money-back guarantee, you will never have to worry about losing your money if results don’t appear.
  • All the products from Kratom Spot are highly potent, so users who need more potency are taken care of.


  • 100% vegan-friendly.
  • Effective and long-lasting relief from pains and aches.
  • Third-party tested.
  • Same-day shipping.
  • Many versatile strains are available.


  • Lab testing may exclude microbial contaminants, which is essential to know if you want a 100% clean product.

=> Click here to visit the official website “Kratom Spot” 

#3.Klarity Kratom – Premium-quality Kratom Pills & Tablets

Klarity Kratom is a top-shelf brand that offers pure and refreshing products. This vendor is based in Los Angeles and offers premium kratoms in various energetic strains. Klarity Kratom products are manufactured in GMP-compliant labs and are packaged in sealed bags and plastic bottles. Klarity Kratom stands out from its competitors by making all its products affordable. For example, when you buy a 500-count capsule package of kratom, you get a 150-count pack for free!

Klarity Kratom sells famous strains like Red Bali and White Maeng Da Kratom. These products are perfect for those looking for a boost of energy or a sense of calmness and peace. Both of these kratoms are sold in 8, 40, 75, 100, 150, 300, and 500 count packages.

The signature White Maeng Da strain from Klarity is called Pure Zen White Maeng Da.

Klarity Kratom sells its kratom products only in the form of capsules and powders. You will never find a kratom in any other form—like edibles or extracts— on Klarity Kratom’s website.

Kratom for Klarity Kratom products is sourced from Indonesia’s jungles and contains antioxidants and other beneficial compounds. This organic kratom is then shipped to the state-of-the-art labs of Klarity Kratom in the US. Afterward, they are crushed and dried into many useful and famous Kratom strains. A few of the royalties from Klarity Kratom include their Bali, Maeng Da, and Borneo strains which are sold in red, white, and green veins.

At Klarity, the kratom is packed in high-quality packaging to ensure that the product remains fresh and potent for a long time. The kratom is 100% natural and is free from any additives or fillers. It is a perfect blend of potency and purity that offers a unique experience to users.

Moreover, none of this brand’s products are treated with additives or fillers to enhance their taste or potency. Klarity Kratom promises you a quality natural product and does good by its promise.

Klarity Kratom Pure Zen White Maeng Da Kratom capsules are very easy to use and can be mixed with any liquid of your choice. The brand is also very affordable, making it an ideal product for all those looking to try out kratom for the first time.


  • This seller sells each of its strains in two primary forms: capsules and powders. Encapsulated kratom is preferred by users who want to meet their in-hurry needs.
  • Klarity Kratom also sells products from another company called Pure Zen
  • Kratom. Thus, you get to choose from many different strains and products.
  • The Kratom powder Klarity Kratom is basically a pasted of crushed kratom leaves. This powder comes in a container, so you can take it as per the needed dosage.
  • Klarity Kratom is one of the most affordable brands currently on the market.


  • Free, fast, and reliable shipping.
  • One hundred percent customer satisfaction is guaranteed.
  • Offers an easy and simple way to claim refunds.
  • A plethora of payment options, including bank transfers.
  • Tested in third-party labs. 


  • This brand isn’t AKA-certified.

=> Click here to visit the official website “Klarity Kratom” 

#4.Kats Botanicals – Trusted Kratom Vendor For Organic Kratom Products

Kats Botanicals is a high-quality, all-natural supplement that is useful against depression and substance abuse disorder. The brand follows American Kratom Association’s (AKA) and Current Good Manufacturing Process (cGMP) instructions and is certified by both. Kats Botanicals also sells CBD and other botanical products besides kratom.

Kats Botanicals is quite famous for selling more strains than any competitor in the market. The company has a simple and navigable website with many payment options.

White Maeng Da is a type of Kratom that has been used for centuries in Southeast Asia. It’s known for its high potency and euphoric effects, but it’s also been used as herbal medicine to treat ailments like diarrhea and pain. Kats Botanicals has expanded its business by offering White  Maeng da Kratom to customers across the country via its website and other retailers such as GNC stores nationwide.

White Maeng Da powders and Capsules are a mixture of Green Vein and 70% White Kratom. Kats Botanicals sources its White Maeng Da Kratom from Indonesia.

The White Maeng Da Kratom from Kats Botanicals is a green+white kratom made according to Kats’ customized formula. To further improve the quality of this product,  the leaves of kratom are fermented indoors. Other ingredients used in the Kats Botanicals White Maeng Da Kratom are also highly safe and potent.

Kats Botanicals is the brand of choice for many people because they have the highest quality products. They use only premium strains of kratom, which means that experts have carefully cultivated their kratom to produce strong effects without any negative side effects.

The company also has a brilliant customer service team who will happily answer any questions or concerns you may have about their products or services.

The customer satisfaction of Kats Botanicals White Maeng Da Kratom is 100%, as the brand offers free shipping and a simple return policy.

No fillers or additives have been added to the White Maeng Da Kratom from Kats Botanicals. All the different strains from this brand are affordable.


  • Kats Botanicals offer a huge variety of energetic strains. All these strains are manufactured according to a customized and additives-free formula.
  • You will not find a single batch of untested products at Kats Botanicals. The company has accounted for all its products in third-party labs.
  • Kats Botanicals also experiments with its products. Some of the innovative products from the company are a mixture of two to three different strains.
  • Most of the kratoms from this brand are red vein kratom—which has more health benefits than other types.


  • User-friendly website.
  • Transparent and honest brand.
  • Highly liked by its many customers, according to the reviews on TrustPilot.
  • Third-party lab tests are conducted.
  • Free shipping on all orders exceeding $100.


  • Cannot see lab results online before buying.

=> Click here to visit the official website “Kats Botanicals” 

#5.Kraken Kratom – Best Kratom Seller To Buy Kratom Powder & Strains

Kraken Kratom was founded in 2016 and has become the go-to kratom vendor. Kraken Kratom products are there to give you an exquisite kratom experience: potent, fresh, and with no fillers or additives. Kraken offers products in all different forms, like powders, extracts, leaves, and capsules.

Kraken kratom is an excellent option for anyone looking to kick out their addiction problems. Their products are effective. They provide the energy boost you need without any negative side effects like nausea or fatigue.

The taste of Kraken Kratom products is pleasant enough that you won’t mind taking your dose every day—even if it’s something as small as two grams (which can last anywhere from three days up to several weeks).

Kraken Kratom Thai White Maeng Da Capsules and Powder were launched after the success of Red Maeng Da. They have since become one of the most popular products from Kraken Kratom. The capsules are made from pure White Maeng Da Kratom powder, known for its energizing and pain-relieving properties. It’s also an effective tool for weight loss. The product has been proven to help users lose up to 8 pounds per week.

Kraken Kratom ( White Vein) Thai Maeng Da Powder is also a great choice for people who want to use kratom for pain relief. This is one of the most popular kratom strains in the world, and it’s also been used by many people to quit smoking or drinking. The Kraken Kratom White Maeng Da Powder contains 20 grams per serving, so you’ll get 60 doses out of just one bag!

The capsules can be taken with water or milk as a smoothie or mixed with juice or honey for additional flavor options—or you can even add some fresh fruit into your morning smoothie if you want something sweet!

Kraken Kratom is also a safe brand that gets its products tested. Similarly, the kratom for its products comes from Indonesian farms known for growing GMO-free kratom.

Kraken Kratom accepts a wide range of payment options. The company accepts credit and debit cards, PayPal, Bitcoin, and Ethereum.


  • Kraken Kratom was the first brand in the industry to get GMP certification. This should tell you something about how far ahead Kraken is of all its competitors.
  • Kraken Kratom ensures that the quality of its products is not compromised throughout the manufacturing process. Great care is taken from handling the raw ingredients to making the final product.
  • Kraken Kratom is also one of the few brands that ship your orders free of cost, regardless of how much you spend on their products.
  • Kraken Kratom sells its products in all possible forms, like extracts, edibles, powders, etc.
  • Relieves pain and boosts energy.
  • It may also help with mental health problems.
  • It can be infused into different foods.
  • Acts within a few minutes of consumption.
  • It can be difficult to choose one product from all the varieties available.

=> Click here to visit the official website “Kraken Kratom” 

How Did We Compile A List Of The Best White Maeng Da Kratom Vendors?

Since there are many kratom vendors, we needed to evaluate each vendor according to a set of criteria; only those who satisfied the criteria were included in the list. Extensive research was carried out to this end, and after the vetting process we found only five brands that ticked all the boxes on safety, purity, standardization, etc.

To find the finest products for you, we also looked for things that made brands affordable, like free shipping. Listed below are some of the benchmarks we used to rate the providers of White Maeng Da Kratom Kratom:

Side Effects and Safety

Since kratom is a delicate substance, it is crucial that a vendor only offers safe formulations. They should also disclose any potential negative effects. Thus, we placed a lot of focus on third-party testing for this reason. All the sellers in our list have said that their products have undergone several trials and testing and thus are safe to eat.

We also made sure that only the healthiest options are included because there is a danger of overdosing on this product. Similarly, it was checked whether our selected brands were certified by the American Kratom Association (AKA)—a group dedicated to ensuring that everyone consumes Kratom safely.

Standing and Reputation

You should only purchase Kratom from reputable vendors. Kratom is a medicine with some dangers and is not adequately monitored by the FDA. Therefore it is up to the user to pick the correct product. Consequently, to help the readers, we excluded all the lesser-known brands from this review. This was done because, most of the time, it’s difficult to know about manufacturing processes, ingredients, and lab tests of such unknown brands.

The Accessibility Of Kratom Strains

It’s harder to find some strains than others. So, we advise that you take a combination of kratom strains to produce more favorable results.

To this end, we thoroughly investigated each brand, ensuring that the selected suppliers only used unique and different Kratom strains like red maeng da kratom strains in their Kratom capsules and powders.

Available Product Types

Kratom is sold in various oral dosage forms, including capsules, tea pills, powder, and softgels. Depending on their capacity for manufacturing and access to R&D resources, kratom vendors may create a single form or several. Kats Botanicals, for example, produces five different types of Kratom products.

We made sure that our list of the finest vendors for Kratom goods includes those merchants who make different types of products to provide you with a range of options. This lets you select your required shape in desired strains.

Buying Guide: Factors To Consider Before Selecting A Vendor To Buy White Maeng Da Kratom Products

Kratom is a plant that has been used since ancient times. It is a natural medicine that can treat different health conditions. Kratom is made from the leaves of the tree Mitragyna speciosa, which grows in Thailand and Malaysia. It was also used by tribespeople who inhabited Southeast Asia for its ability to relieve pain and anxiety.

Despite its many benefits, users should remain cautious when buying this product from vendors online.

In this guide, we’ll talk about how you can find the best vendor to buy kratom for your needs and how you can avoid fraudulent ones.

The reputation of the vendor

Before you buy, it’s important to ensure the vendor sells the real thing.

Check their website and product labels. If a vendor uses “kratom” in their name but does not list any ingredients on their website or label, be skeptical—they may be selling synthetic kratom instead of botanical extract from the plant. The same goes for vendors who list other plants but don’t specify what kind they’re talking about (for example: “red vein”).

Ask questions about where they are and how long they’ve been in business. You’ll also want to ask about returns/refunds if there’s any doubt about whether or not what you’ve bought contains kratom powder as advertised by its seller (and this applies even if there were no problems with shipping). Keep in mind that many sellers offer free samples so that customers can try out products before purchasing larger amounts; however, this could result in wasted money if those samples aren’t accurate representations of actual products offered by brokers like ourselves!

Knowing where they are located can be helpful when buying kratom from a vendor. Are they selling from their home or business? If so, does the vendor have a physical address? What is the location like—is it in an industrial area, or is it a residential neighborhood or neighborhood with schools nearby?

Knowing if your potential vendor is legal in their country of origin is also important. For example, many vendors sell white maeng da capsules made in areas where such capsules are illegal. Some countries do not allow sales of products derived from cannabis plants by persons who aren’t medical professionals; others don’t allow imports at all.

If the price seems too good to be true, it probably is! Vendors should estimate how much they will charge for their product before sending it out to you so that you know exactly what kind of deal you’re getting into.

Quality of product
You want to make sure that whoever’s selling these products has a good reputation for quality control—you don’t want them shipping something subpar or putting out bad batches at all times! Also, consider whether or not this person has any reviews from previous customers who’ve bought from them before: if there aren’t any reviews available online, then maybe go elsewhere instead.

Who the vendor sells to?

When purchasing kratom, looking for vendors who sell to the public is important. These vendors should offer a wide variety of kratom strains and other products like powders and capsules. You want a vendor with all the different types of kratoms available so you can try them out before buying any in bulk or large amounts from them.

Look for vendors selling their products online and only through phone or mail-order services (like UPS). This can help protect against theft because there are fewer opportunities for someone else to steal your product when they don’t have access to it firsthand unless they know where your home is located!

Kratom sellers mostly want you to lead a happy lifestyle

The people who run kratom vendors are in business to help people get healthy. They’re not out to make money. They’re just trying to do good for the world.

They want you to get off opioids and prescription drugs like Vicodin, Oxycontin, Percocet, and codeine cough syrup. And then they’ll sell you white Maeng Da Kratom pods or capsules so that you can take care of your withdrawal symptoms while still being able to enjoy the benefits of kratom without feeling high all the time like a bad trip would be if it were taken with alcohol or marijuana (which shouldn’t be done anyway).

FAQs: White Maeng Da Kratom

Q1.Is Kratom illegal?
Your answer will depend on where you live. While kratom is legal in most states, it’s illegal in a few states and countries (including Thailand and Malaysia).

You may have heard that kratom has been banned across the US due to its narcotic properties, but this isn’t true—the FDA has classified kratom as a supplement since 2016, which means that any laws or regulations do not control it. However, if you’re planning on buying from vendors online or through an online retailer like Amazon or eBay, know that both companies require customers to sign an acknowledgment form stating they acknowledge the risks associated with purchasing products containing psychoactive substances such as kratom.

Q2.Where do I get kratom from?
Kratom is legal in most states, but it’s important to do your research before purchasing. Look for vendors who are licensed and regulated by the federal government. Buying from an unlicensed vendor could mean that you may be buying fake or adulterated products that could pose health risks.

Q3.How can I buy kratom?
There are two ways to get your hands on some fresh kombucha: through a store or online. Store-bought strains tend to be cheaper than their online counterparts because they come straight from the source (the plant) rather than being packaged and shipped from another country—which adds extra costs along with time spent waiting for them to arrive at their destination point!

Q4.How should I use Kratom?

Kratom is best taken in capsule form, either with or without food. It’s also sold as a powder you can mix into tea or water. If you take it on an empty stomach, it will help to increase energy levels and relieve pain.

Kratom should be used at least 30 minutes before eating, so its effects don’t interfere with your mealtime experience!

Kratom is available in many forms, including capsules, powder, and tea. The effects of Kratom are different depending on the method of consumption.

Q5.What will kratom do?

Kratom is a tree that grows in Southeast Asia and has been used for centuries to treat pain, anxiety, and depression. It’s also been shown to boost your mood, treat sleep disorders and help with inflammation.

Some people use kratom as an alternative to prescription drugs when they can’t get the results they want from conventional treatments. Others use it as a way of weaning themselves off of addictive substances like opioids or other controlled substances that are highly addictive when used improperly (like heroin).

Q6.How long may the kratom last?

Kratom effects last for about 6 hours. This is the time it takes to take effect, and you’ll feel them for 2–4 hours afterward. If you’ve taken a high dose, however—the most common strain being red vein—the effects may last longer than 8 hours or even 12 hours!

That said, kratom can also be consumed in lower doses (about 2 grams) that aren’t quite as potent but still provide relief from pain or depression without causing serious side effects.

Q7.Does kratom work like an opiate?
Kratom is not opiate-based, but it can be used for this purpose. Kratom powder is a form of herb that’s made from crushed leaves and stems of the plant. It’s often mixed with water or fruit juice, but you could add it to coffee or tea if you want something different. If you’re feeling adventurous, try adding some yogurt as well—it might help keep your stomach happy while giving your body what it needs!

Q8.How long does kratom stay in your system?
It depends on the kratom you use, how much you take, and your metabolism. In general, it can take up to 2-3 days for some people to feel the effects of kratom (depending on their body weight and fat percentage). However, if you abuse or regularly consume large amounts of this substance over a short period (such as 3-4 weeks), these negative side effects may occur sooner than normal.

Q9.What are the benefits of kratom?
Kratom is a legal herbal supplement used for centuries to treat pain and health conditions such as anxiety, depression, insomnia, and more. It’s also been shown to relieve withdrawal symptoms from opioid drugs like heroin.

Kratom has so many benefits, one of which is that it can be used to treat different health conditions. Some benefits include boosting your mood, treating anxiety and depression, and helping with cravings for alcohol or other drugs.

Conclusion: Use White Maeng Da Kratom Strains To Treat Pain & Anxiety Issues

Kratom is a highly effective herbal supplement used for centuries in Southeast Asia to treat pain and anxiety. It is also fast becoming one of the most popular alternatives to opioids for people struggling with pain.

Kratom also has different strains. One of the most beneficial is White Maeng da Kratom. This blog introduced you to the top five vendors of Maeng da Kratom. All these five vendors make the best Maeng Da Kratom products.

After giving a detailed review, we recommend that you select a White Maeng da Kratom product from one of our recommended brands. This is because our recommended brands being the industry’s best, also offer refunds which isn’t the case with many other brands in the market.

This article is sponsored content. No endorsement by The Times of Israel of advertiser products or services, real or implied, is intended. The Times of Israel editorial team did not contribute to this article.