Three thousand interviews later, a Canadian-Israeli’s views on the conflict

Corey Gil-Shuster, creator of video series The Ask Project, traverses Israel and the West Bank seeking truth from the region’s everyday citizens

Corey Gil-Shuster, 47, is a Canadian-born Israeli who has published over 500 videos on this YouTube channel in the last four years. As the creator of “The Ask Project,” every week he travels in Israel and the West Bank interviewing people on both sides of the conflict.

“It’s seeking the truth. It started in that way. It was really about showing, first of all, what people think. And then, for me it’s very important to know what is reality and what isn’t,” said Gil-Shuster.

Gil-Shuster randomly stops people in the street or elsewhere and tries to talk with them. If they consent to being filmed with his small camera, he asks them questions that he receives from his YouTube followers from all over the world.

The funding for the project mainly comes out of Gil-Shuster’s own pocket, and he has no intention of stopping. Since 2012 he has interviewed more than 3,000 Israelis and Palestinians. His aim, when he can afford to, is to create a documentary about the project.

“With this project, people have the opportunity to hear from the side they disagree with, and to humanize it,” said Gil-Shuster.

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