App tester Perfecto nets $20 million investment

App tester Perfecto nets $20 million investment

The company is using the money to further expand its advanced device testing platform

Screenshot of Perfecto's MobileCloud interface (Photo credit: Courtesy)
Screenshot of Perfecto's MobileCloud interface (Photo credit: Courtesy)

Perfecto Mobile, an Israeli mobile testing platform company, said Wednesday it raised $20 million to expand its virtual testing platform, which lets developers test apps on almost any device to ensure that it works properly. The money is set to be used to fuel Perfecto Mobile’s record growth and continued market leadership in the rapidly emerging mobile application quality space, the company said.

As businesses go mobile, they demand apps and interfaces that work the same way on all devices. A bank, for example, would want customers to have the same user experience on its main web site, its iOS app and its Android interface. But a major challenge for developers is that each operating system works differently and requires different code. This means that a developer must produce several versions of an app.

Once the app is developed, it needs to be tested on a wide variety of devices. While this isn’t a big problem for developers working on the iOS platform, which is consistent across the range of Apple devices that use it, testing is a major challenge for the teams that develop Android versions of apps. According to Gidi Pridor, a director of Perfecto Mobile, there are over 4,000 versions of Android in use. There is no way any company, much less the dozen-strong start-ups most likely to develop a mobile app, could acquire all the devices it needs to test its code.

The Perfecto MobileCloud platform can help developers for Android (and other) operating systems, said Pridor. The platform allows users to connect to and test on any device online, and test on any cell network, providing real-world and real-time information on how an app performed. This allows developers to easily ensure the quality of their products. The platform includes testing environments that take into account operating systems and differences between devices, with users able to test on any combination.

The company’s new funding round is being led by FTV Capital, a new investor in Perfecto, which has joined with existing investors Carmel, Vertex and Globespan Capital Partners. “Perfecto Mobile’s strong leadership and executive vision coupled with its innovative technology has enabled it to become the de facto leader in the growing $9 billion mobile app quality market,” said Liron Gitig, FTV Capital partner and new Perfecto Mobile board member. “Many of the world’s leading financial institutions in FTV’s Global Partner Network validated the immense pain point that mobile application quality has become and confirmed the significance of Perfecto Mobile’s solution and leadership position. We are excited to partner with Perfecto Mobile in this next phase of development and growth.”

“The mobile app market is booming as consumers and enterprise employees depend on high-quality, transactional mobile apps to optimize business performance, increase productivity and better their lives,” said Eran Yaniv, CEO of Perfecto Mobile. “First impressions are critical for the success of these apps and companies are focusing on quality from the beginning to ensure a great user experience. Perfecto Mobile is proven to be essential in helping our customers and partners surpass their end users’ quality expectations. Our growth, combined with the support of our new and existing investors, solidifies our SaaS-based value proposition and the leadership that we bring to the market. With the rising importance of distributed application development teams and DevOps, Perfecto Mobile will significantly enhance its cloud offering with new services and capabilities to address emerging needs as well as expand sales and marketing activity on a global scale.”

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