Dubai takedown a laughing matter
Sure-fire hitSure-fire hit

Dubai takedown a laughing matter

French-Israeli comedy on Mabhouh assassination to hit silver screen

JERUSALEM (AP) — Israeli and French filmmakers are making a comedy centered on the assassination of a Hamas operative in Dubai.

Mahmoud al-Mabhouh died in January 2010 when hitmen entered his Dubai hotel room. Dubai police suspected Israel’s Mossad spy agency, but never proved it. The complex operation, in which several disguised agents were caught on hotel cameras, remains unsolved.

Israeli producer Michael Sharfshtein and French partner Manuel Munz are preparing to shoot a $5.2 million comedy called “Kidon,” the supposed name of the Mossad’s assassination department. The film posits that French and Israeli small-time criminals killed al-Mabhouh and framed the Mossad.

Munz said Monday the film offers a suggestion of what happened in the Mabhouh operation, which remains shrouded in mystery.

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